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A Metro Sexual is a man who is not homosexual but is feminine and is open minded about having bisexual tendancies.
by paul February 4, 2004
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Receiving fellatio or head while eating a hot pocket, usually a hot pocket with cheese in it.
yeah that hoe gave me a captain planet last Sat.
by paul February 16, 2005
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A wet but beautiful place which is best shared with someone you love
by paul February 14, 2004
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a telford boy is a lad from telford who walks around the streets at night thinkin he is mint, they are usually seen wearin trackie bottoms, polo shirts, a fake burberry hat, oh and dont forget the rockports (or rockfords).
any lad from orleton park.
by paul May 24, 2004
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A member of the ARMY.
Marines, sailors, and airmen, are NOT soldiers.
by paul June 19, 2006
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when you really hate someone's fucking guts so bad that you offer to make them a cup of coffee and before you pour you rub your dirty sweaty cheesy balls all over the rim of the cup
hmmm . . . great cup of coffee you made there grant . . . but was the milk off cause I have a cup full of cheese !
by paul April 23, 2004
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