Short for 'what the fuck' when one is found to be around adults/children or people who are bound to be offended by the usage of the word 'fuck'.

(but not necessarily saying the letter f, but the pronounciation of it; like when you hit the breaks before you hit the tree. and in this case, you pause before you extend your cursings.)
what the f, where'd my book go?
by buckless May 18, 2006
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It means you asking someone what is the temperature outside or inside. Can be "What's the C" for Celsius areas. (Or even K, if you wanted.)

Response ends with the actual temp. but you just say the number and 'F' at the end.
Dave: Hey dude what's the F?
Steve: It's 75 F.
by ArctixFawx June 17, 2011
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Partially extended version of wtf. Carries same meaning and was created for use in the presence of those unfamiliar with wtf.
Person 1: Hey, Adam said he needs to borrow your TV again.
Person 2: What the F!? That's the the third time this month!
by K Wheezle May 26, 2004
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The shortest form of "Bitch, what the Fuck...

Often used before a close-fisted slap, to a significant other.
"So you think its OK, to kiss my friend while I am away? b'sh-what-the-f..." SLAP!
by Supo Pedo September 7, 2006
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a reccuring line in pokemon talk, usually when they change studios
Bulbasaur: Hi, I'm Bulbasaur
Squirtle: And I'm Squirtle
Bulbasaur: And this is Pokémon
Squirtle: What the f*** happened to the floor
by lolgod2 April 28, 2020
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Taken from "Bloody Hell", (see in this dictionary), this phrase emphasizes a double fuck without actually using the word once and therefore, appropriate to say in public.

So in that sense, it's like saying, "What the fuck?" but twice, "What the bloody F?!"
Wife: Some asshole actually wrote with shaving cream on our car.

Husband: What the bloody f?! I just had it washed.

Wife: What the bloody Q, What the bloody P... (pick a letter).
by Oahn August 15, 2010
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