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UK definition: Black, Jamaican (Kingston) born gangstas found in rough parts of London. Associated with BMW's, gold jewellery, and automatic guns. Responsible for a lot of murders and other crimes (mostly drug related).

Jamaican definition: Anyone from your neighbourhood (not necessarily gangsters).
"Yardies have brought a horrific new level of violence to Britain" - Tony Thompson

"Yardies, in terms of a reputation for ruthless violence, could one day rival the Triads or Mafia". - BBC
by rich November 20, 2003
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A raging party taking place in one's yard.
-Yo dude, I'm having a yardy tonight. Wanna join?
-Fersure, I yardy hardy.
by eab9 September 10, 2012
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Yardy is another word for a Jamaican, specifically one from a difficult socio-economic area.

The term stems from the slang name given to occupants of government yards in Trenchtown, a neighborhood in West Kingston, Jamaica. Trenchtown was originally built as a housing project following devastation caused by Hurricane Charlie. Each development was built around a central courtyard with communal cooking facilities. Due to the poverty endemic in the neighborhood, crime and gang violence became rife, leading the occupants of Trenchtown to be in part stigmatized by the term "Yardie".
Smif-n-wessun Lyrics
" Hellucination "

tek (steele)

And a dead boy, and I don’t even know
he looks like the dred, that hooked us up on the low
What you say fly?

thinkin out loud, just caught me in the zone
I’ll tell you all about it on the way home
Whatever, i’mma send this nigga to his essence
Fuckin wit the family, know he gotta learn a lesson

And you know he ain’t yardy right
Some boy gon get dead tonight
As we strap on the gloves, feel the buzz from cannabis
Niggas bout to get scandalous

(arguing and gunshots)
by Jai Monee May 12, 2009
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People who you chill with at home. Another word for homies.
person 1 "what you been doing"
person 2 "nothing just been with my yardies."
by CRAZYBABE May 01, 2005
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