1. A way of saying yes or yeah with more attitude.

2. What Ariana Grande says 30-50 times in the majority of her songs.
Ari: Break up wit yo girlfriend, yuh yuh, cuz i'm bored

Ari fan: yuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuh...
by liamwh April 12, 2019
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so i got a new wig, yuh
i need cash, yuh
im pregnante with ur child, yuh
by YUH times YUH October 25, 2019
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something that’s just fun to say
E : “ wanna hang out today
M : “yuh”
E : “yuh”
by hanadoganiii May 27, 2019
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started by Mitchel Cave, lead singer of Chase Atlantic (not Ariana Grande), used on their eps Part One, Two, and Three also on their self titled album Chase Atlantic.
yuh, positively thinking got me reaching now
by chasetrash August 11, 2018
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ariana grande says this very often in her music and every day life.
ariana: and i can be all the things you told me not to be .. “yuh”
by kaysgrande September 7, 2018
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used as a function word especially to express assent or agreement or to introduce a more emphatic or explicit phrase; yes
"Do you enjoy pie?"

by Ram-Dawg June 30, 2004
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a word meaning saying yes but in a more classy way
"do you want to go to the park?"

Answer: "yuh"
by November 5, 2020
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