Kingston is an amazing guy. He is one of the coolest guys on earth. He has a massive pp and a great personality. He is very loyal to his friends and is good lookin and is EVERY SINGLE THING you want in a man
Britany have you seen that guy Kingston?”
by Sksskssks December 31, 2020
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He is one of the greatest guys anyone could ever meet :D he is super sweet, really athletic, thoughtful, and cute. He is really sincere and can make anyone feel better whenever they're they're sad. In one word, he can be described as awesome.. but that still doesn't cover it.. he's more than that.. but thats for you people to figure out =D
whoa.. is that a kingston?
i think it is... because he sure is one of the best!!
by tweety_08 July 3, 2010
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Kingstons are very loveable people. They will understand problems and help you with them. They tend to like gaming and art. They are amazing to have. If you know a Kingston you have one lucky charm.

With a rare name it matches thair rare amazing persinalty.
Person 1: so you have a friend names Kingston?
Persion 2: yes i do

Person 1: wow tell me sime numbers to win the lottery becuse thats a rare find!
by AnenomesWingS January 2, 2021
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A small city in eastern Ontario half-way between Toronto and Montreal.

It was Canada's first national capital and is sometimes referred to as the Limestone City because of its beautiful old limestone architecture.

It is also known for its universities, sailing, and prisons.
1: "Hey, let's head down to Kingston this weekend for Queen's Homecoming and party on aberdeen"
2:"Cool. Let's not get too crazy though, I don't want to wind up in Kingston Pen"
by n.totes April 9, 2011
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The last name to an Irish bloodline known for their mischief, alcohol consumption (both underage and of age), and smoking vast amounts of weed. Easily to exceed their own body weight by the end of their lifetime.
"Dude, he's a party animal."
"He's definitely a Kingston."
by Bostoner June 10, 2008
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1.) Picturesque, historically significant small city (technically a town) on the eastern end of Lake Ontario.

2.) Soul-destroyingly boring place to live.

3.) A great place to take a shit.
Lucky for us, Kingston was halfway between Toronto and Montreal (or Ottawa and Toronto, for that matter). Sure beats taking a crap in Napanee.
by PDAC February 20, 2007
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A small city of 120,000 or so residents. Known primarily as the “Limestone City”, it’s a popular stop on road trips due to its location between Toronto and Ottawa/Montreal. Unfortunately for permanent residents, it has a very closed off and white centric population, especially with the younger generations. Lots of teen Kingstonians are subtly racist and will judge you silently if you aren’t white or if you deviate from the norm. This isn’t apparent at first but if you are observant you will notice the racist undertones if the young white majority. Basically, it’s fine to live here if you’re not white, just expect a degree of subsincious racism, arrogance and an overall sense of sheltered and ignorant teen population.
Kingston sure is a beautiful city, you just need to watch out for the subconscious racism that plagues it
by Carl’s Marks March 19, 2018
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