141 definitions by rich

To present your middle finger to someone as an act of defiance.
MEATWAD: He's always messsing with me.
UHR: Shoot him the bird!
IGNIGNOKT: Yes, give him the finger.
by rich April 4, 2004
That broski drinks alotta brewski and gets A TON of snatchler
by rich June 16, 2006
(adj.) one who possesses great beauty; sexy
1. "Dam, that ho be bangin!"
2. Sarah Bealafeld
by rich February 19, 2004
by rich February 17, 2004
A bunch of guys,assembled like a train, that are linked by their penises in another guy's butt.
I went to the lavatory and saw a six man gay train.
by rich March 7, 2005
non descript liquid ming that flows down the inside of your fridge if u don't clean it
mares! theres meat juice all over my stuff
by rich December 5, 2004
A name that denotes having the largest penis in the world.
Finch is well endowed.
by rich December 9, 2004