To party very intensely for a very long amount of time, keeping the quote in mind "anything worth doing is worth overdoing". Therefore doing whatever is possible to reach the level you want to be at. Doesn't matter whether it involves alcohol, nugs, acid, e or yay.
" Yo we raging tonight?"
" Fuck yea bro its wednesday."
by JiveIII March 9, 2006
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1.(verb)- synonym for partying. Usually associated with acting crazy, obnoxious and drinking many people under the table.
2.(verb)- Going to more than one party in one night.
Emily: Jen is so hung over. She went mad raging last night.
by overhere April 6, 2006
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What someone does when they are pissed off on the internet.

people that are raging are:

Spamming forums

cussing people out on the internet

obviously angry

Most often occurs after the rager is trolled.
emoxbabbyx101: omg yew are such an idiot

emoxbabbyx101: lol yew rnt replying. HAHa getting pissed off? stupid troll

emoxbabbyx101: fuck yew : <33

Me: Stupid emo fag. Stop raging on my profile.
by asumptaiscool March 15, 2010
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(adj) mad
the way to describe extreme anger or annoyance

Origin: Northern Ireland
I'm bloody raging!

(after a story) *Gasp* RAGING!!
by Baby Becks February 10, 2004
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The art of getting extremely angered or furious.
by Anonymous February 20, 2003
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To listen to Rage Against the Machine for extended, yet thoroughly intense, periods of time.
Yo, broski, I was raging so hard last night to Bull's On Parade.
by Undead Kennedy December 22, 2010
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"raging" means that something or an object is strong.
"The wind is raging today!" said Shannen
"I know!" said Sienna
by QueenOfUnicorn1334 September 18, 2017
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