A word used to describe a girl that you can not trust as far as you can throw her.

Sometimes girls that are scandalous dress in very risque cheap slutty clothing. They are easy to spot because no matter how big of a douche you are, they look at you like they would give you a lumpkin upon request.

The other kind of scandalous hits me a bit closer to home. Sometimes you're at a party and you meet a girl that seems to be hot and from a good family and you end up making out and petting. Naturally you think that you're special and that this girl actually likes you. Unfortunately what ends up happening is she just likes to make out and probably does it all the time. This kind of scandalous girl is a heart breaker and you end up hating them more than anything else in the world. Let that be a lesson. Any girl that puts out before she has spent a lot of time with you is more than likely scandalous even though they may be mighty tempting. Take all red flags seriously.
Dude: Damn look at that girl on that ass.
Bud: Oh you mean the one waiting for the city bus. Look at how scandalous she looks in that princess t-shirt.
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Reg: Wow I love this school. The girls seem so polite and tidy. Back in Detroit they started fucking at age 14.
Moe: Don't be fooled my friend. They may look innocent, but some of the girls up in here are downright scandalous.
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A: One whom miscontrudes the life they are living by covering things up with lies.

B: One whom lies, cheats, and can not be trusted due to their actions.

C: One who thinks they can get away with stuff, and not get caught, but often slips up and gets caught anyways.
"Damn that girl is scandalous. I found out she had a boyfriend and never told me about it!"

"That scandalous bitch tried to hook up with my best friend while I was out of town"
by Brian G. April 17, 2006
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Full of scandal, often in reference to something overtly sexual; or at least construed as such.
"Three bananas a dog and your best guy friend....? Scandalous!!"
by ChzMstrX November 24, 2001
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being naughty or firsky
pul was so scandalous on monday night
by ~*~ marissa ~*~ June 30, 2004
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in usage of something that can be deemed risque or out of the normal perimeters in what is accepted in society, to incite a scandal. usually when someone says or does something that will have people talking about them, and how wrong they are.
beefer: man, i'm trying to get this girl to do the right thing, but she isn't budging bro! i may have to slip her a roofie.
t-money: that shit is scandalous.
by Persian Persuasion May 9, 2011
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Any hot gossip, news, or revealing secrets. Something is scandalous if it's worth passing on to someone else.
-Just wait until our little plan to humiliate Gams is a success.
-Oh, that will surely be scandalous!
by Sadester May 26, 2006
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