1Your friends who you just chill with. Maybe give a little kiss now and then. Maybe a little spoon ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I've tested positive for missing the homies :(
by Tori the Gay Bitch May 15, 2020
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Basically a replica of the "the boys" except they respect everyone for example:
Someone:I'm sorry but my pronouns are *insert pronouns/neo-pronouns*and my name is *insert name*
The homies:*Uses correct name and pronouns*

They respect everyone so be like the homies.
"The homies are so accepting!"
by AIt3r January 14, 2021
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You: *Falls*

Friend: *Helps you up*

You: *Falls*
Homie: *Helps you halfway up and drops you back down*
by iBrokeUrNeckLol January 25, 2021
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Friends, dudes, guys, buddies, pals, amigos, bros, chill partners.
When it was time to go I kissed the homies as is custom.
by Kevin December 11, 2019
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Someone who will always be your favorite person even if they were a total bitch.
Homie: Fuck you! I wouldn’t care if you died you piece of shit!
You: I love you
Homie: I love you too!
by anonymouspersonwhonooneknows February 25, 2018
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The guy/girl you can kick it with at anyday and anytime, the homie usually will be the most chill person you know and he/she will know whats up.
person1: aye dog imma go kick it with the homie today you down?

person2: aw ya fo sho the homie is tight!
by Th3 Homi3 April 13, 2010
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