1. deeply afflicted or distressed in body or mind

2. extremely bad or distressing

3. being or appearing mean/miserable

4. very poor in quality or ability
It was a wretched car accident for there was no survivers.
by MoonCricket March 27, 2005
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Did you see that bruv?

Oh, what, her - yeah she's wretched mate
by Aconstnull October 26, 2011
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Adjective defining a noun as being Greater than that of the slang term "Cool"; A modern pun on the slang term "Gnarly"
The way he landed that trick was so Wretched
by ImBringingWretchedBack_Yea November 25, 2010
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When someone starts aging and losing their hair but won't admit it
Did you see Lachy today, he has so many wrinkles and a bald spot but he wont admit it. He is becoming wretched.
by AUCheezy April 13, 2015
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An absolutely worthless person, either a man or woman. Traditionally used to refer only to a worthless female, but this word has come to refer to both sexes.
"I despise that filthy little wretch, and I will destroy him."
by triumvir June 29, 2005
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when you despise of something so much that you want to eat your own poop and the toilet water as well and use that squishy mixture as mouthwash. can also be used to describe good things if u want
Zoe was a horrifically WRETCHED beast!

I hate them WRETCHED republicans
by wretched4life February 24, 2020
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Throwing up, calling ralph on the big white phone, puking.

Its an older term for this event and is still in use in the UK.
Johnson: Hey look! That guy is wretching over the balcony

George: He fucking wretched on my car!
by xaneks July 27, 2015
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