a term for someone that you care greatly for. as to say that they are all the things in life.
by george January 21, 2005
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The act of cunilingus. It just sounds better than saying "he ate me out", and you can talk about it at work with your close friends without any old people getting offended.
Oh, I SO got 'the good thing' last night!
by fsara April 10, 2004
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Something that is pure and true beyond a reasonable doubt. "A good thing" has the best intentions for you and your complete interests in mind. Although a person is never perfect "a good thing" is seldom to come by and ultimately this person will never betray you even in the slightest. This scenario is always worth fighting for.
She realized she had found a good thing and would not surrender it for the world.

Eph. 5:25 "...He gave up his life for her"
by DonJuanM March 16, 2020
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Australian term related to "you beauty" or "you little ripper." Used when cheering on a horse of greyhound in a race, particularly if one has a wager on the race. Popularised during the Sydney Olympics on the Channel Seven TV show "The Dream" by Roy and HG
by Jim Bob March 1, 2005
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The things that you hang on the wall of a smelly place and it makes it all better
Sally either needs to clean her self or use a smell good thing

put a smell good thing in the shitter, it smells like shit in there!
by KILLKEV December 6, 2004
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An expression for when you find an opportunity or object that is convenient along with useful.
Guy 1: We have nothing to eat! Without help, we'll starve!
Guy 2: (sees something to eat) Good thing I found a Magic Balloon!
by It's a stone Ruigi February 10, 2018
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A phrase used in response to somebody overreacting over a minor or petty incident.
Bob: Those idiots at Taco Bell messed up my damn order again! I should go over there and slap some goddamn sense into those stupid shits!
Dave: Sheesh. Good thing you don't keep guns in the house.
by Affable Douche December 2, 2013
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