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An absolutely worthless person, either a man or woman. Traditionally used to refer only to a worthless female, but this word has come to refer to both sexes.
"I despise that filthy little wretch, and I will destroy him."
by triumvir June 29, 2005
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disgusting, morbid, rancid.
The level of intoxication or the level of your harsh comedown. A feeling of utter despair.
T-glo how he felt before he slept at the manch for 18 hours solid.
Frank after a hard 3 day comedown with pinky and his shades on at 12:00 pm in the day at the manch of course.
by paul January 11, 2005
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1) an attractive, highly intelligent, witty, humorous person.

2) a good and fun-inducing situation

3) if need be wretch can be used in a negative way in the following ways:
-negative wretch
e.g. that person failed english they are a negative wretch
-wretch squared
e.g. my parents are being wretch's squared about the situation
1)e.g. that person is such a wretch! they got an a+ in trigonometry
johnny depp is a total wretch!

2)e.g. eating those short ribs were so wretch! i wish i could eat them every night
skiing on fresh powder is wretch!
by wretchhhhh December 25, 2010
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