He is a very sweet, smart guy. He is everyone's friend.
Girl C: Reed is super calm and considerate.
Girl D: Yeah, and he's charming!
by Waifu!~ November 17, 2020
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To be a manly, sexy male that works hard and looks good while doing it. He is strongheaded and tells it like it is. When Reed knows what he wants he goes after it. Very respectful and melts to the most important women in his life. He stands up for himself and for the people he loves. All around a great guy to have around.
Mess with Reed and he'll mess you up!
by TLCXX February 9, 2010
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Amazing guy with Clark Kent (Superman) good looks. Reeds are very respectful to women, and always take care of the people they love. When Reeds fall in love, they give their hearts completely away to the girl that was lucky enough to catch their eye. Reeds never pressure their significant other into anything, and always take the time to tell her how much he loves her and how great she makes him feel. Being extremely attractive, sensitive, and different from all other guys, Reeds have their pick of girls, but they only need the love of one.
Do you see that hot guy over there? He's totally a Reed.

I'm so lucky to have Reed <3
by snofflelopogus July 4, 2010
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Reed is a sexy outgoing strong name. that everyone wants to name their kids. it is the 4th top name for babies in 1996. Reed is one mother fucking sexy beast.
"oh look at her...she is one fine girl"
"oh yes she is."
"shes like a reed"
by thebeast778 August 24, 2011
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Reed is a sexy mother fucker he can get any girl he wants. They all like him but he doesn’t know it. He’s tall and hot af.
1: hi. What’s ur name
2: reed
1: I love you want to get married
by Funnystuff December 17, 2019
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Reed is a name for a cute boy with blue eyes and a great since of humor. He’ll be there when you need him. He’ll make sure your doing everything right and your not slaking off. When he looks at you you’ll fell a shiver down your spine in hopes he fells the same way. You’ll see him at practice and on the bus cause he’s a grade older (7th grade). His friends will follow you and tell you he like you and you like him. You’ll get a boyfriend but that’ll only make you want Reed more. All of your friends will call him ugly when they’ve never even met him, you’ll stand up for him praying that they don’t think you like him. Everyone knows you like each other except for yourselves. You’ll give him stupid names like “turd bucket” and mess with his hair. You’ll throw things at him on the bus but you know that your doing it bcs you don’t want to talk to him. You’ll tell your friends to call him turd bucket and his friends will tell them that you love him. The truth is that you do and you can’t help it. Those blue eyes and a smile that light up the night. A sense of humor that only few people know of, and the kind heart that’s inside.
He’s such a Reed, she must love him to deal with his craziness
by Carmen The Potato November 10, 2019
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