A war where American supremacists act like they did all the work. I'm not pro-german, nor am I saying they should have won, but it pisses me off when T.V. shows and documentaries give completely biased information towards U.S. troops. The American documentaries tend to talk about brave heroic actions and how American's broke through by themselves and without us, we would never have won the war. Here's a few reasons why the U.S. did nothing and had a complete advantage coming into the war in the first place.

1. They're out of bomber range. Every other country in Europe was heavily bombed heavily.

2. The German's had basically lost the war in the first place in early 1944 to Russia. After losing The Battle of Stalingrad and Leningrad and battles in the Caucasian areas, Russia was advancing many many miles a day.

3. Germany was drained of resources. It was running extremely low and the country, while stretched thin on its own fault, had EXTREMELY limited ammo, fuel, and manpower. 50% of troops in the western front against the U.S. and Britain were 35 year old + reserve troops and there were virtually no crack special forces units like the S.S.

(to be continued)
World War II U.S. supremacists are weird.
by azndude1111 November 18, 2011
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The Americans did not single handedly win the war. Maybe the naval war, but how about the Russians at Starlingrad destroying the German Eastern Front? How about Montgomery in Africa? Just a little naieve to think that the whole of World War II was won in 2 battles by the Americans. Also, you ignored the War until it became a threat to you and you thought GB might fall. I assume you just learnt about those 2 battles in history today? Maybe you'll do the other bits later in the semester
Yank: Hey, didn't we win World War II by ourself?
Yank 2: Yeah, pretty much.
Yank: Didn't we win the war againt terror by ourself as well?
Yeank 2: Yeah, pretty much.
by OSNFDOWN October 27, 2005
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a war that was started by Nazi Germany and, for a while was, winning. but after Stalingrad, they got fucked up pretty bad
lets just hope World War III doesn't start
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by Adical September 18, 2016
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The sequel to World War I

1. An overrated massive war you've probably heard about a trillion times (because it was the last justified war in the Western world, unlike Vietnam, Falklands, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.) between various countries, particularly the Allies vs Axis powers, the most popular contendants are USA, UK, Russia, France, Germany and Japan, but seemingly people forget Canada, Australia, China, etc.
It occured between 1939 and 1945 (not 1941-1945, contrary to what the United States Education System says, just because USA entered the war then).

2. A war in many First Person Shooter games where one person (usually American) singlehandedly defeats an entire German Army and the wins the war.
You're always told to thank World War II veterans (who themselves just want to chill and forget about the war) that you can speak, write, speak English, read, shit freely etc. despite the fact WWII ended 65 years ago and the world has moved on. I do not care if some crazy Austrian-German man in the 1930's wanted to conquer the world and exterminate retards and jews, hasn't many countries such as Britain did that like 100 times already? Isn't USA doing that now by killing the world with its mass produced McDonalds resteraunts making everyone obese and shitty cars that break down easily, or cheaply made Xbox 360 consoles that blow up in your face, oh and lets not forget dawdling their dick in Iraq in some attempt to take their oil and force a flawed "democracy" down their neck?
by kfjklshgjkdsfghldsghdkjfghdkjg November 08, 2009
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A war fought mainly between Germany and Russia. Germany sent 80% of its army to Russia and lost. America claims it won the war singlehandedly despite 8 out of 10 German casualties being against the Russian army.
The financial rulers of America, the descendants of the German and Polish yids are ungrateful to the Red Army who liberated their families from death camps. They know the real winners of World War II, but won't admit it because of loyalty to their neo-con homeland.
by TheRussianBlade March 08, 2007
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(continued from azndude111)

4. Germans inflicted a much better result than there numbers would have predicted. In the whole of Germany, at the PEAK PEAK of production, 100ish Tiger tanks were made per month. U.S.... 54,000 Shermans were made in one year. 3 Jagdpanthers (a type of tank) destroyed 47 Shermans in one battle strategically places.

5. U.S. advanced hardly a mile on good days. Germany was advancing 20-40 or so miles when it was making advances. Russia advanced on par with some German advances and was significant better than the U.S. and while it is big in land, it was not a huge economic superpower. Think about, U.S. went from the coast of France and advanced how much in 1 year? They even lost the race to Berlin to Russia considering they were only so many miles away compared to Russia....

6. Saving American lives. Americans had such a conservative attitude. This is the reason why we are losing in Afghanistan. The real Russian soldiers, charged fearlessly, and were shot if they retreated. The house to house, door to door, put your head up for 3 seconds and get sniped situations, were the real hardships endured by Russian soldiers.

7. U.S. had the best production and technology in just economy and failed. It had bad generals compared to Germans.
World War II was awesome
by azndude111 November 18, 2011
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