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the reason you need a new hard drive.
dude, how do you find all that porn.
by kirk February 22, 2005

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1.Cuzz; short for cousin. Used to refer to a person as your friend/homie. Commonly used among southern gangster/ghetto individuals.

2. Word used by members of gangs Crips, and Folk nation, talking to another member.
1.Yo, what's up, Cuh?
2.Yo, cuh. We need to buss a cap in these slobz.
by Kirk March 17, 2004

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An organ that when aroused, will cause a female orgasim.
As I ate her out, I went for the clit. We never parted again.
by Kirk March 01, 2005

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the act of sneaking into a bathroom, quietly lifting the lid off of the toilet tank, taking a deuce in the tank and then replacing the lid. this causes the toilet water in the bowl to be polluted after each flush. this is usually done at a party or too someone that you despise.
heath snuck into the frat house bathroom and left an upper decker in the tank, much to the dismay of the alpha betas.
by kirk May 26, 2005

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The lesser known and crueler ones of which were perpetrated by Japan, the United States, and Great Britain in WWII.
by Kirk October 26, 2004

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{Verb} When one abstains from sexual activities for a period of time, then self relives themselves causing a bigger and far more powerful ejaculation that shoots far further then one first calculated. Thus hitting the wall and re painting it white.
I was sharing a room all week, so when I get home I am going to be painting the walls.
by Kirk August 15, 2005

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the act of taking revenge before the event that made you want revenge
billy was going to kill ed's dad, so ed took out prevenge on the mofo
by kirk October 04, 2004

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