I love you…❤️
I love being with you…
So much…
I want to come

My sole desire
943 is you.
by Wanderlust_721 November 8, 2022
My little curly angel...
You are my....
I need you...
Deep in my heart i love you..
In my dream..
I kiss your lips...
Thousand times...
by 637 littlebrownbear December 1, 2022
The day 9/4/3 (April 9, 03) that was far supierior in every way than the day
1337 or 13/3/7 March 13, 07 will be. Because of the position of the moons of the planets in the beyond the asteroid belt
The same holds true for May 5, 05.
by Matt May 6, 2005
There exists a furry version of every waifu, no exceptions
1: Did you see the furry rule 943 of your waifu?
2: Yeah man, it was hot as fuck
by Rule 943 July 20, 2017