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A war in which over 56 million lives were snubbed out and people like to debate about who made the biggest contribution in winning against the axis powers.
1939 - 1945 NOT 1937.

Country Men in war Battle deaths Wounded
Australia 1,000,000 26,976 180,864
Austria 800,000 280,000 350,117
Belgium 625,000 8,460 55,5131
Brazil2 40,334 943 4,222
Bulgaria 339,760 6,671 21,878
Canada 1,086,3437 42,0427 53,145
China3 17,250,521 1,324,516 1,762,006
Czechoslovakia — 6,6834 8,017
Denmark — 4,339 —
Finland 500,000 79,047 50,000
France — 201,568 400,000
Germany 20,000,000 3,250,0004 7,250,000
Greece — 17,024 47,290
Hungary — 147,435 89,313
India 2,393,891 32,121 64,354
Italy 3,100,000 149,4964 66,716
Japan 9,700,000 1,270,000 140,000
Netherlands 280,000 6,500 2,860
New Zealand 194,000 11,6254 17,000
Norway 75,000 2,000 —
Poland — 664,000 530,000
Romania 650,0005 350,0006 —
South Africa 410,056 2,473 —
U.S.S.R. — 6,115,0004 14,012,000
United Kingdom 5,896,000 357,1164 369,267
United States 16,112,566 291,557 670,846
Yugoslavia 3,741,000 305,000 425,000

All of the above except for the axis powers contributed to the end of the war and none should have there bravery taken away by overpatriotic fools.
To all our glorious dead. Lest we forget
World war ii was won by all contributing nations.
by krilled April 24, 2006

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The most Australian place in Australia the last true remnant of Australiana. Where snobby nosed euro wannabe, outsiders from the southern states fear to tread. Where XXXX is drunk and people are tough.
Queenslander: Oi where you from cunt!

Outsider: Victoria mate!

Queenslander: fuck off back there you greasy cunt before i knock ya out! and stop trying to speak like a queenslander ya mug

Outsider: Ok im going home now to drink cat piss beer and root a hairy greek woman.
by krilled April 23, 2006

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Tough game played by tough men where Australia has been the dominant force for recorded memory. AFL fans like to bag it because it is more popular but you dont here Rugby League fans bagging AFL because we dont have a infderiority complex and we dont fell we have to bother with it.

A game in which the greatest player to ever lace a boot is Andrew Johns.
A game in which provides rugby union with there only half decent players.
A game that has more passion and toughness involved than AFL could ever have.
AFL fan: Oh you bloody Rugby League fan its such a shit game why dont you watch a real mans game.

Rugby League fan: Ok mate name a real man that plays the game and a player who gets paid more than a Rugby League Player

AFL: ummmmmmmmmm.....shit.

Rugby League fan: yeh you play your game dressed in fucken bike pants and womens singlets go home and keep AFL to victoria and the other little people states. And oh yeh nearly forgot you "Sport" is so shit and easy to play the Brisbane Lions from Queensland where Rugby League is the unrefuted KING won you petty little AFL competition 3 years in a row ha ha ha h ah a

AFL: oh im sorry i will happily drink the sweat form your balls Rugby League men of men.

by krilled April 23, 2006

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