A word used by people unable to see reality from a point of view other than the one they were indoctrinated into from childhood. It represents the be-all and end-all arguments that close the case once-and-for-all on further discussion of the issue and makes tin-foil hat wearing buffoons of anyone who refuses to see the logic of their disinformation.
The 50+ murders associated with Bill Clinton have been debunked as urban legend.
by undiesinabunch April 22, 2009
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to expose the shame or falseness of
by nikki September 6, 2003
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to clear away lies, exaggerations, vanities, etc.
Snopes.com will most likely debunk many more political rumors during the next 4 years.
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An overly used word by the Bush administration and many other conservatives when trying to persuade the masses that everyone else is wrong except them.
"The statements of liberals that say bush is giving tax cuts to the rich has been DEBUNKED because Rush Limbaugh, the druggy, says so."
by Mikoli Simoli September 6, 2006
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Commonly used to say something has been proven false. A very popular word for propagandists to convey that a thorough investigation including scientific facts and proof beyond a shadow of doubt have been exhausted to find the truth. But in all reality is just an empty word for shortsighted listeners that in their opinion a view isn't widely accepted.
Very common among the main stream media, big pharma shills, and pro vaccine trolls.
Alexander proclaimed to his followers on Christian Facts radio that evolution has been thoroughly debunked ; Citing that the league of Jebus has found no supporting evidence.

Faced with a major loss of profits, Pharmaceutical alliance of ethical pediatricians co. aired a special television program hosted by hand puppets to debunk the link between vaccines and neurological disorders.
by Sethxy July 27, 2017
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1. Usually, a self claimed internet residing 'know it all' who claims to have the knowledge to flop what he/she perceives as a 'conspiracy theory' on its head. This is often a means for showing off. The complete opposite of a hardcore conspiracy theorist, debunkers usually have little common sense, little or no ability to connect the dots, no respect for common sense and call everything that that is outside their narrow a conspiracy theory. Since they profess to rely on hard evidence so much, this often seeps out of the domain of 'hard evidence', and they begin to fabricate so called 'truths' based primarily on jumping to conclusions and ad hominem attacks. Their favorite tactic is to try to 'get something out of the way' by attempting to embarrass their opponent and call it a done deal.

2. The other type of debunker consists of those who are anti-establishment and attempt to expose mainstream fraud and nonsense for what it is using logic, anecdotal evidence, and supplemental facts and figures. They are commonly insulted with the term 'conspiracy theorist' by those who wish to tarnish their reputations. Although still fallible, anti-establishment 'debunkers' commonly have less of an emotional stake in their arguments, as they have seen the light far more than their naive counterparts. Some do, however, take this too far and become truly raving lunatics.
As Joseph explained why psychiatry is not hard science, the debunker yelled "STOP WITH THE CONSPIRACY THEORIES ABOUT BIG PHARMA". However, it's not a conspiracy theory that most funding for psychiatric studies comes from big pharma, that they fund the ads in medical journals profusely, that they conduct their own studies on the drugs they push, that they have a much larger budget (and therefore much larger influence) than the FDA, that they fund APA conventions, and that it is not hard to skew data if you have so much power and are working in a poorly understood area.
by Shadow Creator November 22, 2007
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Originally meaning something thought to be true now proven false, it is now used as another way to say uncool or lame, but when self-proclaimed debunked, it is understood that you are the cool kind of loser. When someone is sexually debunked, they are very inexperienced and expected to remain that way for a long period of time.
Did you just trip over your own feet?
Eh, I'm debunked, that's just how I roll.
by ERINNN! January 20, 2007
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