A once respected cable channel. Many years ago it was a serious source of historical information and now it is Reality TV, Pseudoscience, and Pseudohistory. Actual history has been abandoned for ratings.
I learned everything I know about History from the History channel. I learned that aliens helped humans build the Pyramids, The Bible contains a secret code which can be deciphered using a computer, monsters are real, and Nostradamus predicted 9/11.
by A1988 January 23, 2011
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TV channel owned by two of the largest media conglomerates (Disney and Hearst). used to have some mildly interesting programs from time to time, but is now mostly a source of blatant religious and government propaganda, or truly stupid subjects like the Nostradamus pseudoprophecies.
History Channel found it necessary to remind me how evil Saddam Hussein was about 400 times during the Iraq invasion, now I'm back to learning Bible stories again.
by ihatestupidtv January 10, 2007
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A group of people who only focus on stupid shit relating to 2012, world ending, etc.

Don't forget that all of their programs longer than an hour just constantly repeat themselves
History Channel.
by z3ekeezzz August 23, 2008
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A great premise for a TV network, but half the time they're talking about World War 2 or high tech stuff that belongs on Tech TV or the Discovery Channel.
I really wish the History Channel would have more stuff on the Vikings or Roman Empire.
by Mehh July 15, 2004
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Should be renamed "The Hitler Channel" Since they talk about WW2 in just about every other program.
All The History Channel shows most of the time is something about World War 2. But they do have some other things too. Just not that much
by CrippleHawk May 23, 2009
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A clever euphemism for masturbating, typically used to conceal the topic around female friends. Inspired by people who receive massive erections from listening to the gettysburg address or listening to how ancient greeks sat around and thought about things.
"Dude, today at the library, i watched the history channel several times"

"Man, that's fuckin sick"
by Jumpsuit of Stealth February 27, 2006
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the act of fingering or getting a hand job.
"see what had happened was..

bryan and lillie history channeled on shellcie's couch the other day."
by bennettbitt April 3, 2008
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