The incorrect combination of "No one". Also, an older English spelling of the the word "noon".
by Jeebus October 19, 2003
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Meaning "no one". Perhaps inspired by the word "nobody".

Most commonly used by people who acquired their literary skills in online chat rooms.
NYDude447: Your a dumbass! Noone with a haff a brain culd hate that flick! Their are wurse movies.

DownTownSam: Read a book you semi-literate meathead!
by AbnormalBoy April 2, 2004
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The act of putting your head on a pillow or such related item and entering a state of labored breathing

Also known as sleep or catching zees
Ow Steve why do u twitch when u go noon noons
by fizpop April 13, 2011
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A failed attempt to censor the word nigga by the app iFunny. In an attempt to advertise their new app, they have now created a new racial slur, noon.
White guy : Hey what's did you hear about that new app noon?
Black guy : The fuck did you just say to me?
by Voidication September 3, 2019
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At the age of fifteen, Peter Noone achieved international fame as "Herman", lead singer of the legendary Sixties pop band Herman's Hermits.

His classic hits included: "I'm Into Something Good" "Mrs. Brown, you've Got A Lovely Daughter", "I'm Henry VIII, I Am", "Silhouettes", "Can't You Hear My Heartbeat", "Just A Little Bit Better", "Wonderful World", "There's A Kind of Hush", "A Must To Avoid", "Listen People", "The End of the World" and "Dandy".

Ultimately, Herman's Hermits sold over sixty million recordings. In all, fourteen singles and seven albums went gold. The Hermits were twice named Cashbox's "Entertainer of the Year".

A cursory inspection reveals that Peter is a friend to all. However, Peter's friendliness seems to have backfired, and thus during flame wars, fucktards can often be found yelling at each other that "Noone likes you!" or "Noone asked for your opinion".

From "Noone wants to listen to your shit" to "Noone believes you for a minute", Peter somehow manages to become involved in every argument. The fact that Peter likes emo kids is the cause for a great deal of Internet angst; in fact, two out of every three cutter icons contain text to the effect of "Noone likes me".

Why Peter's friendship, trust, or willingness to listen is viewed as a negative is not known.

From Encyclopediadramatica.
Noone knows who Peter Noone is.
by Fuck Shit Piss August 17, 2007
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Kill, destroy eredicate boday and soul.
Dont fuck with Tim, he'll straight up noon your ass.
by Jinjonjo November 10, 2019
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