(short for contributing to society):
1)What everty warm-blooded college graduate/Silicon Valley inhabitant (who can pay his rent), man, woman, and child should be doing;
2)the act of helping your fellow man;
3)giving positive input;
4)making life better for everyone;
5)tax evasion;
President elect: "Ya'll oughta cown-tree-bute!"
me/you: I contribute every year and every waking moment of my life which I personally strive to make as beneficial to men of all walks of life (avoid adding the obvious "especially the poor").
by Huh? May 29, 2004
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similar to contribution, but larger. leaving a larger effect in its wake.
when youre in a ceremony and the speaker says "thank you for your contributation!" you would answer, "it was hard work, but we contributated a lot."
by sjdhjkfhdjkfh April 10, 2010
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(n.) Selling price minus cost of production. The contribution goes first to paying off overheads, then to profit
We have It costs £40 to make, and we sell for £55. That gives us £15 contribution. This goes to paying off our electricity (actually semi-variable)
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 3, 2004
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A gift or payment to a common fund or collection
I made a Contribution via Google in exchange for money
by TheWon(one) April 26, 2017
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the act of paying tribute to any female organ.
Thank you for your contribution.
We'll add your term to the dictionary within 24 hours.
by C4PROOF August 19, 2003
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Either literally a financial amount or figuratively towards an artistic (or other) genre that an individual has made during their lifetime. Also used sarcastically.
1. The net contribution of Beethoven to the Symphony is incalculable.

2. Joe Blow, net contribution to society - nil.
by Jonathan FeBland (Znethru) October 12, 2006
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We contributed to the President's campaign by sending him loads of $cash. Thus, we gave him a campaign contribution.
by Part Ridge October 12, 2007
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