Kick-ass Bond nemesis from the movie Goldeneye.

Supposedly killed after being shot point blank by a Russian General in a Russian weapons facility, agent 006 betrayed his own country of England and set up a criminal terrorism syndicate known as Janis.

Janis, with the help of the Russian general who supposedly killed 006, plans to use a Russian satellite system known as Goldeneye to target London, stealing the Bank of England's worth at the same time.

Bond later kills him by throwing him off the satellite dish and is crushed to death by the exploding dish structure.
006 so badass he betrayed his own country and planned to target London with high frequency electromagnetic radiation but as with all villains, Bond kicks his ass at the end and kills him.
by Bondfan4555 July 29, 2009
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An alternative designation for someone that is a N00b.
You are classified as an N-006, below everyone that came before you and/or anyone that is funnier/more intelligent/more entertaining/etc..., but just above that crusty scum that keeps reappearing behind my toilet every 2-3 weeks.
by ParallelInfinite July 20, 2008
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Bob: yo have you heard of scp 006-J
by Gaemez September 21, 2020
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