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A general response to something out of place or uncomfortable. See also "..."
ssjtrunkzz: Those gay orgies are tough on my balls.
boohiss: Okay, terrific!
by boohiss August 10, 2003
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A negative name to call someone without actually cursing.
Shut the crap up, you suckbag.
by boohiss August 10, 2003
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Someone who is from the far east. Not to be confused with azn.

Even though the continent of Asia is implyed, typically "Asian" does not include Russians, Indians, Pakistanis, etc.
I am from Japan, China, Vietnam, Korea, or Cambodia, etc. Therefore, I am Asian.
by boohiss May 20, 2004
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Blow out the candles
Make a fish
It's like a fart
But smells like fish
It's 6 o'clock, it's time for a queef!
by boohiss August 10, 2003
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Short for "business to business". This is a type of enterprise which sells products or services not to consumers and the general public, but other establishments.
Your ad campaign seems sound, but is it really appropriate for a b2b?
by boohiss June 9, 2004
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A Disc Jockey for a radio station who specializes in shocking, disturbing, and disgusting radio bits. Popular examples include Opie & Anthony and of course Howard Stern.
Howard Stern is the first shock jock, but he is sucky. Opie and Anthony are good shock jocks who got fired.
by boohiss August 19, 2003
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