Yes it is true the Red Army contributed largely to the Allied victory, but they too committed many atrocities to the citizens of the various countries they occupied. Especially the Baltic countries, Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania were pretty wealthy, and had a standard of living on par with most of western Europe before World War II. However, Soviet occupation annihilated their economies, wealth, and severely damaged their environmental beauty.
Latvia Red Army World War II Baltic states
by cheesypotato July 23, 2009
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1) A war which the main character in countless first-person shooter PC/Playstation games is shown single-handedly winning.

2) A war (1937-1945) whose understanding by most Brits AND Americans today is unfortunately largely Eurocentric.

3) A war whose tide the Americans did indeed almost singlehandedly turn in the Pacific at the battles of the Coral Sea and Midway(May/June 1942)

4) A war during which Japan committed very brutal atrocities which resulted in the deaths of over 20 million Asian/Pacific Island civilians, which Japan has yet to publicly acknowledge.
Today "World" War II would better serve to be known as the Second European War, since noone seems to give a rat's ass about the Asia/Pacific Theater.
by Kirk June 08, 2004
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Nobody ever claimed WWII was won soley by the Americans, you stupid British nits, so shut your traps.
Bush-haters seem to debunk every accomplishment America ever made, including help win World War II
by Uncle Sam bitches May 08, 2006
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A big fight involving guns and bombs and people dying.
Hitler and the Germans lost it and he said "screw this." And shot himself. That's basically what happened.
Guy: hey hitler!
Guy:I think you lost something
Guy:yeah, World War II
by Iateyourcat November 18, 2013
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the yanks didnt single handedly turn the tide in the pacific. midway and the battle of the coral sea was fought with australia and the USA combining there forces to create a battle fleet to counter-attack the japs.
the allied victory was all thanks to all the countries involved in the alliance, not just the yanks
by filthy gee August 28, 2005
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A War that started beacuse Nazi Germany, under Hitler, Invaded Poland in 1939. Was then declared war on by France and UK. Germany Invaded France and many other countries in 1940and 41, knocking them all out except for a few free forces. They used a stargey called blitzkrieg Also, Italy joined Germany in 1940 stating the Axis allience. Germans then Invaded the Soviet Union in 1941, bringing them onto the allied side (UK, Free French). Then Japan declareed war on USA and UK after the attack on Pearl Harbor followed by the Axis declaring war on the US. The war went poorly in 1941-spring of 1942. But, then the battles of El Alaimen, Stalingrad, Midway, and Gudalcanal (all happening in Summer of 1942-Winter of 1943) pushed the war in the Allies favor. In the Summer of 1943, the Battle of Kursk destroyed any cahnce of German victory on the Eastern Front, and in 1944, the D-Day landings made Germany have to fight a two front war. Mean while, the US kept on driving back the Japenease to Japan, shattering there navy at battles like Battle of the Phillipine Sea and Lyete Gulf. In December of 1944, Germany lunched a last ditch effort to defeat the UK-USA allience forces, but failed, making defeat unavoidable to Germany. Germany collapsed 5 moubths later on May 8th, with Hitler commiting suicide a few days earlier. Japan fell 3 mounths later, with a A-bomb being dropped on them because of the bloodshed a invasion of Japan would have. Many attrocities where commited by Germany during the war aginst the Jews and many other religions, nationinalities, and in general life stlye choices, which was calle the holacost Japan did similar, treating prisioners with extreme brutality and civilians alike. It is one of the most widly known wars and most highly used in movies, games etc..
Many inventions came out of World War II, like the Jet engine, Radar, jeeps, and nuclear technolgy.
by GeneralSJC December 27, 2006
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A war where American supremacists act like they did all the work. I'm not pro-german, nor am I saying they should have won, but it pisses me off when T.V. shows and documentaries give completely biased information towards U.S. troops. The American documentaries tend to talk about brave heroic actions and how American's broke through by themselves and without us, we would never have won the war. Here's a few reasons why the U.S. did nothing and had a complete advantage coming into the war in the first place.

1. They're out of bomber range. Every other country in Europe was heavily bombed heavily.

2. The German's had basically lost the war in the first place in early 1944 to Russia. After losing The Battle of Stalingrad and Leningrad and battles in the Caucasian areas, Russia was advancing many many miles a day.

3. Germany was drained of resources. It was running extremely low and the country, while stretched thin on its own fault, had EXTREMELY limited ammo, fuel, and manpower. 50% of troops in the western front against the U.S. and Britain were 35 year old + reserve troops and there were virtually no crack special forces units like the S.S.

(to be continued)
World War II U.S. supremacists are weird.
by azndude1111 November 18, 2011
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