Briefly: A war in which aproximately 12 million allied soldiers and 33 million civilians lost their lives defending the freedoms many now take for granted.
Had the Allies not defeated the Axis powers in World War II there would be no urban dictionary.
by doc June 10, 2004
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Yes it is true the Red Army contributed largely to the Allied victory, but they too committed many atrocities to the citizens of the various countries they occupied. Especially the Baltic countries, Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania were pretty wealthy, and had a standard of living on par with most of western Europe before World War II. However, Soviet occupation annihilated their economies, wealth, and severely damaged their environmental beauty.
Latvia Red Army World War II Baltic states
by cheesypotato July 23, 2009
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1) A war which the main character in countless first-person shooter PC/Playstation games is shown single-handedly winning.

2) A war (1937-1945) whose understanding by most Brits AND Americans today is unfortunately largely Eurocentric.

3) A war whose tide the Americans did indeed almost singlehandedly turn in the Pacific at the battles of the Coral Sea and Midway(May/June 1942)

4) A war during which Japan committed very brutal atrocities which resulted in the deaths of over 20 million Asian/Pacific Island civilians, which Japan has yet to publicly acknowledge.
Today "World" War II would better serve to be known as the Second European War, since noone seems to give a rat's ass about the Asia/Pacific Theater.
by Kirk June 08, 2004
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Nobody ever claimed WWII was won soley by the Americans, you stupid British nits, so shut your traps.
Bush-haters seem to debunk every accomplishment America ever made, including help win World War II
by Uncle Sam bitches May 08, 2006
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the yanks didnt single handedly turn the tide in the pacific. midway and the battle of the coral sea was fought with australia and the USA combining there forces to create a battle fleet to counter-attack the japs.
the allied victory was all thanks to all the countries involved in the alliance, not just the yanks
by filthy gee August 28, 2005
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