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When a feminist trys to show superiority over someone that disagrees with them.

Usually failing just to get roasted
The feminist was womensplaining to me. Gross.
by Da real Ben shapiro May 18, 2018
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When a women talks to a male in a way that is typically used in a patronizing or condescending way.
The women was womensplaining to the man, causing him to feel useless.
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FemNazi lingo; most commonly used while sporting a fohawk, being a part of the hate group ANTIFA, or at Women’s March for Death rallies. Best example recently seen of #womensplaining was during loud outbursts at the 2018 Senate Judiciary Confirmation hearings of Judge Bret Kavanaugh.
“That dame spent all night talking about Hillary Clinton again. Damn it man, I’m sick of all that #womensplaining!”

“That jawn be #womensplaining again, yo.”

“Bitch, stop your #womensplaining!”
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by JasonDavidF September 19, 2018
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