When you do a drive by at your own daughter's Quinceañera... then you get sucked into a worm hole CONSEQUENCES
ah shit i got AIDS the other day, consequences.
by Donnie Herrera September 28, 2018
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Something that happens because of something else

Cause -> Effect.
Consequences are a mild folly. - OffSpring
by Miggy12 December 24, 2003
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Something a lot of people find out about after their 18th birthday.
The girl decided to face the consequences of her actions on her 21st birthday. Her birthday was a day to celebrate the discovery of consequences her mother and father didn't ever show her at home.
by Solid Mantis September 22, 2018
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The net value ofnall outcomes of an action. Calculating the multiple consequences to your actions .
The perfect storm is the epitome of consequations.
by Mem_s December 3, 2016
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