To get belligerently drunk, sexually assault someone and vehemently deny it all after the fact.
Don't worry, if you ever get asked about raping that girl last night during some future job interview, you can totally just pull a kavanaugh.
by agb79 September 29, 2018
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Verb. Active/Intransitive. To get so drunk that one commits terrible acts and then never admits to them, including but not limited to farting, vomiting, passing out, throwing the rest of your drink in someone's face, shoving your penis into someone's face, allowing gang rapes to occur in your midst while you stand around and laugh, and pairing up with your best drinking buddy to attempt rape.
When a person Kavanaughs, he should be considered a possible felon, should trigger a legitimate investigation -- Senate hearing or not, and is automatically disqualified from holding any judicial position, especially a position as a Supreme Court Judge.
by colloquialist23 October 3, 2018
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To Kavanaugh: When one penetrates an unconscious person in the belief that this preserves one's own virginity.
Usage: "Did you see that guy in the bow tie at the prayer breakfast? I saw him going at it last night but he was Kavanaughing, so he kept his Promise Ring... and I called the cops. "
by NotSoBonMot September 27, 2018
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(Verb): to become belligerently intoxicated and attempt to rape a female.
Do you remember the scene in 'The Accused' when jodi foster gets Kavanaugh-ed in the bar by the college kids?
by Wordsynth September 27, 2018
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To Lie, Lie, Lie.

To say you never blacked out, when your friend wrote about it in their book ("Wasted: Tales of a Gen X Drunk," available on Amazon)
To say Devil's Triangle is a drinking game. (Search Urban Dictionary)
To say "boofed" is farting, when it's short for butt f***. (Search the Definition on Urban Dictionary)
To say your house isn't close to the Country Club when it's 10 minutes away.
To say "I survived the FFFFFFFFFourth of July" was about a wind up to the F word, when it is clearly about drinking so much you thought you'd die.
He pulled a total Kavanaugh, saying Menage a Trois was a Book Reading Circle.
by Don'tUSeYouReallzzzNames September 28, 2018
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A person who likes beer and keeps a calendar from 30 years ago.
Damn did you see Trump? He nominated that fucking Kavanaugh guy?
by Yeetfam October 4, 2018
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A cocktail or beer serving method where the libation is served with a funnel. As in a Gimlet Kavanaugh or Kavanaugh Budweiser.
Man: Man, I had a tough day in court today. I’ll have a Kavanaugh martini.

Bartender: Coming up.
by AdamPedAnt October 6, 2018
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