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Stating accurate, verifiable facts. Especially when these facts are inconvenient to the feminist worldview, or contradict feminist talking points.
It is often used by a feminists who makes an incorrect claim in support of their narrative, and someone responds with something refuting the feminist’s claim, which she (usually it’s a she) cannot counter.
By claiming “mansplaining,” she tries to pretend to have invalidated her opponents claim, even though she has not addressed it at all.
Feminists: Women only make 77% of what men make for exactly the same work! Oh the patriarchy.

Factual Person: No, they don't. That statistic is just for overall median pay of full time workers, and does not account for overtime hours worked, location, experience, degree earned, or even the field someone is working in. Women make less on average because men and women make different career choices, because believe it or not, men and women are different.

Feminist: Stop mansplaining to me! Facts and logic are just oppressive constructs to keep women down!
by Mansplainer May 12, 2015
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A word used by feminists to silence men and prevent them from learning that men actually have problems too and that their point of view isn't the only one
Feminist "women are paid 77 cents for every mans dollar"

A man "well actually every serious study showed that there more factors than just gender like how long they worked there and education"

Feminist "Stop mansplaining you patriarchal fuckface"
by Chumley69 December 29, 2015
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buzzword (buzzfeed's word) that means explained by a man (because apparently everything needs to be gendered, doing the opposite of promoting gender equality.)
buzzfeed: aw james is mansplaining agin ugh
james: wtf im just trying to explain something can you plEASE stop interrupting its ru-
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by quite offended November 06, 2016
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When a man speaks to a woman exactly the same way he speaks to a man: somewhat mockingly, somewhat condescendingly, somewhat confrontationally. Ironically, feminists who champion equality among the sexes, expect men to change how they speak to accommodate their feminine sensibilities.
Woman: I don't feel conservatives care enough about social justice.
Man: That's ridiculous! That's just SJW propaganda. There can never be social justice if individual justice is ignored.

Woman: Stop mansplaining, you big jerk!
by Ijiwaru_Sensei November 19, 2016
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A misandrist term for a man making too much sense.
Usually used by feminists to dismiss anything a man says that makes them look bad for stupid.
Feminist: "Obesity is absolutely a feminist issue, especially when fat people are called unhealthy and discriminated against!"

Man: "Obesity leads to diabetes, cancer, arthritis, and blood clots. They are only discriminated against, because it's unnatural for a human being to weigh 600 pounds. That would be a world record 30 years ago."

Feminist: "Stop mansplaining, you white male!"
by Diarrhea Bubble Bath January 15, 2017
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When a man tries to explain something to a woman and she feels stupid for not figuring out herself, she accuses him of "mansplaining".
"oh my god, that's really patronizing the way you just mansplained"
"stop mansplaining economics to me"
by Exmorted September 20, 2016
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When a man uses valid logic to counter an illogical position held by a woman.
"And then he started mansplaining and all I could do to stop him was cry because he was right and I couldn't bear to admit it."
by onehappyfool March 14, 2016
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