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1. group of Judges forever more impressed with themselves than they should be 2. group of Judges highly respected and regarded regardless of their production or quality of work. 3. synonymous with Royalty. 4. A bastion of arrogant, bastardized, self absorbed and closed minded ass-hats.
The judiciary must accept that definitions must be changed to address modern progressive viewpoints.
by HarpoMason October 16, 2018
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1. the judicial branch of government.
2. the system of courts of justice in a country.
3. judges collectively.
4. pertaining to the judicial branch or system or to judges.
"The United States judiciary excercises authority and prepares plans for judges, sumbits suggestions to various courts, and carries on a continuous study of operations of the federal courts as prescribed by the United States Supreme Court."
by Joey Fizzle January 02, 2008
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