A concept that inadequate females use to blame their poor performance.
I'm doing badly in my job because of the patriarchy, not because I'm useless at the job.
by J_S_ February 14, 2019
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A made up social construct that feminists use to blame all their problem on men.
Example 1:

Feminist: I didn't get that job that i wasn't qualified for, it's all the patriarchy's fault!

Example 2:

Shoe0nHead: Omg, is that- is that the patriarchy?

by Smol_Bean June 24, 2017
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something we fuck according to the tossed keychain on the carkeys of miss blondie swift
'and you were tossing me the carkeys, "FUCK THE PATRIARCHY" keychain on the ground'
by no offence November 15, 2021
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A complex system of gender politics which enforces strict and outdated norms and rules on our behavior and the way we interact with one another based on our gender. Patriarchy hurts men and women equally, as men are held to unreasonable standards such as the expectation that they must be strong, unemotional, aggressive, and hyper-heterosexual. Women are assumed to be weak, overly-emotional, maternal, and dependent. Any deviation from these norms causes the individual to be ostracized, but adherence causes adverse effects as well, such as the tendency of courts to see men as poor care takers, causing them to often receive unfair treatment in child custody cases, or the fact that men are less likely to report health issues and therefore have a shorter average lifespan than women, and are much more likely to commit suicide.
Marco: Man, why do you think Jim killed himself?
Shawn: He probably felt like he couldn't reach out for help with his depression because the patriarchal ideals that our society holds dictate that men must not show weakness or ask for help.

Marco: ...but I thought patriarchy just hurt women?
Shawn: Patriarchy hurts us all friend.
by interdimensionalkickerofbutt December 19, 2015
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A social system in which a father is the head of the family, property ownership and surname are traced through the male line, and men have legal or social authority over women and children. A family, community, or society based on this or a similar system, or governed by men to a degree far out of proportion to their numbers.
Jane Doe: Can you believe patriarchy still exists after all our valiant struggles?

John Doe: What do you mean? Patriarchy doesn't exist! Sure, women make on average a lot less than men for the same work, and sure, there are very few women in positions of power in government and business, but at least now we let you vote and own property!

Jane Doe: But why didn't you take my last name when we married? Why are women still raped (outside of prisons) so much more often than men, and why do men so often inflict rape on others? Why do we still have a sexual division of labor, with some entire industries dominated by men and other industries, typically lower paid, staffed almost entirely by women? Why is it, when someone says "doctor" everyone thinks "man" and when they say "nurse" everyone thinks "woman?" The same is true of "construction worker" vs. "secretary," "engineer" vs. "stripper," "soldier" vs. "maid"... you name it! Why is it a scandal when a middle aged woman like Demi Moore marries a man in his twenties, but it's routine for rich old men in their 60s and up to marry barely legal young 'trophy wives?' It's so common it has it's own term!

John Doe: I guess you're right. Come to think of it, I've been trained to take on all sorts of patriarchal roles that I don't like myself! I've been trained to act like an automaton, to hide my feelings, to be "the provider" in an economy where two parents working is the norm, to go off and die in wars... you know, Jane, a lot of my anti-feminist anger is really unjustified! I've just been resentful of my own role within patriarchy, in such a misdirected way I couldn't even see it existed. I've been defending what I felt were privileges, but in fact were limitations. It's time for us to smash all forms of sexism, patriarchy - hell, even matriarchy if it ever crops up anywhere - together!

Jane Doe: Now you're talking! Let me get my hammer!

John Doe: You know, dear, this means you'll have to face the draft, too...

Jane Doe: True, sweetie, but there should be a lot fewer wars with patriarchy out of the way!

John Doe: Actually, love, capitalism, not patriarchy, is the root of imperialism and resource conflicts, which are the primary cause of modern wars...
by Buenaventura Durruti May 28, 2004
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A social organisation that grants power to men and oppresses women through political, social and economic institutions. Harmful side effects include the gender binary, unequal wages and Rush Limbaugh.
Person A: Did you know that women do two thirds of world labour and own less than one percent of world property?
Person B: Damn patriarchy.
by Hellonhairylegs December 30, 2009
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