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a symptom where one would experience major depression when he or she stops using a drug (eg. crack cocaine) after being dependant on it.
Man, I haven't shot in so long, that I'm going through some major withdrawal right now.
by apextwin July 01, 2007
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When your girlfriend or boyfriend goes away for long periods of time causing a variety of negative symptoms.
Omg he is having withdrawals again, this time hes making out with his hand.
by Sean Atkinson November 04, 2007
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Getting irritable from not watching porn.
Aaron: "Why are you so pissed off?"
Remy: "My parents took my laptop away, so I'm suffering from withdrawal."
Aaron: "How long have you been without porn?!"
Remy: "A week..."
Aaron: "You are Jesus."
by Eldahat May 19, 2010
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