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Remy is a gender neutral name though is most commonly used on boys and the name can also be spelt as Remi. Remy’s are a funny strong headed people they protect their friends fiercely and love to make their friends laugh. Remy’s are also secretive about emotions and hide them behind jokes for example if you’re friend is upset they will crack a joke that may insult themselves. They are very insecure and though they have their issues they can pull their shit together if you try to mess with them or especially someone close to them. Remy’s are a good friend but an all time horrible enemy and do not back away from saying nasty comments. They are not obsessive people and if a current good friend does something bad they can be thrown head first from friends to enemies. They are hard workers academically, socially and in anything they believe in, and you are fortunate to have them on your side.
Julie had a fight with REMY, it did not go well.”

“Just has a fight, thank God REMY was there.”
by They truth believe it June 13, 2019
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The fandom given name to the recurring character "sleep" in the shorts series by Thomas Sanders. Always tired. Usually has Starbucks. Is also very sassy
"Have you seen Remy?"
"No, but he's probably getting Starbucks"
by Iznightwing March 05, 2019
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Remy, sometimes spelt: Remi is the name usually given to a male individual. Remys are usually moderately tall and extremely handsome. They are kind and caring beings and always are loving towards their one and only. They usually take a while to get to know but once they are understood, everyone wants to get close to them. Remys will constantly tell you how much they love you and will always be the one to make you smile. If you ever feel down then you should find yourself a Remy as he will most likely brighten up your day.
I want my own Remy!

He is so extremely handsome, is he a Remy?

Please Remy, notice me!
by McCabreyIsBae July 23, 2015
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Remy is a beautiful person! If you ever meet one, consider yourself lucky since they don't come around that often.

Remy has a beautiful smile and laugh and a hilarious sense of humour! Amazing kisser and amazing at other things too ;) She has an awesome rack and bootylicious booty!

The only downside to Remy is that she doesn't hang around long! She'll come along and brighten your day and then can leave without saying anything. Remy is also very nervous when it comes to relationships! If you ever meet a Remy, treat her like a Queen, she'll feel more confident and will probably stay around!
Remy is one-of-a-kind!
by OliviaIsCool March 13, 2012
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Short for Remy Martin, an expensive Cognac liquer, often referred fondly to by various rappers.
When I guzzle Remy, I do shit on purpose - you NEVER hear me say 'forgive me'.
by keyshaw May 02, 2004
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