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One of those talent shows that is only entertaining when the contestants are not talented. Also, no one has any interest in it anymore because Simon Cowell is now a judge on The X-Factor. Watch that instead.
Sheri: "Dang, did you see American Idol last night?"
Zeke: "Lol, no! Who the fuck watches American Idol any more? It's 2015!"
by Medium Salsa July 16, 2015
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Incredibly difficult to define. Imagine someone you know with a content grin, doing something odd or content as well. Someone being sly, queer, content... once you see it, you'll never stop noticing it.
"Hey babe ;)"
"Omfg you're so sleer"
by Medium Salsa December 12, 2016
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A perfectly precise verb that has now been mutilated into an adjective to well describe something morally intolerable, just because that thing is too much to handle.
"Dude, Jacob Sartorius' new song is fire!"
"What? Damn man, it's so cringe."
by Medium Salsa December 12, 2016
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Related individuals with some degree of romantic involvement, whether formal or informal like the term "friends with benefits"
Uncle Paul: "Damn, my niece lookin like a snack"
Meemaw Margaret: "Please say that you and Courtney aren't relatives with benefits"
by Medium Salsa May 9, 2017
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A special {noun}, that you can't help but indulge in.
"Ah I haven't seen you in so long!"
"Awh, you're such a treat"
by Medium Salsa December 12, 2016
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A holiday of both joy and controversy. Many feel that the phrase "Happy Holidays" is a more acceptable, universal term for this season of love, but those who find Christmas' essence too particular for a simple "Happy Holidays" politely say, "fuck that shit, let me jingle some bells".
"Christmas time!"
"Please recognize that not all follow the Christian faith."
"My bad."
by Medium Salsa December 12, 2016
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an exclamation shouted by social media users everywhere when referring to someone without "shoe game". originated as a vine, and can sometimes be funny, but lots of lame people don't say it with enough force and end up looking extremely awkward.
kid: "mom, I got one question for you."
mom: "oh alrigh-"
kid: "what are those? ." *points to moms loafers*
by Medium Salsa July 16, 2015
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