Someone who is uneducated in a particular subject.
Sarah: hey, asl?
Billy: what is asl?
Sarah: age/sex/location?
Billy: 14/virgin/UK
Sarah: unaware is unaware

The unawares keep telling me if I keep doing weight lifting, it will stunt my growth.
by ImNoSuperman April 17, 2011
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Title for the compilation of controversial footage recovered in rural Texas during late July 2010, as seen on YouTube.
"Dude, have you seen UNAWARE?" - You
"What the hell is that? - Me
"Some bad-ass footage these guys found in Texas" - You
"Really? I must watch it." - Me
by Eyes&Spies August 12, 2010
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the perfect word to define someone that looks very awkward and out of place in his/her current social setting. They seem to clueless as to what's going on around them, much like a mern
hey, that guy in the corner looks very unaware.
by stan April 13, 2004
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Women who do not look behind themselves and who are easy prey for predators.
"Look at those unaware women, they would be easy prey for a predator".
by Dav1d VB October 18, 2007
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To be unaware of your homosexuality.
Thomas, there are two kinds of people in drama. Those that are homosexual and those that are homosexually unaware.
by ishtonkittens May 28, 2011
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Not knowing something or being unaware of something that would've scarred you forever.
P1: Have you heard of the Astolfo monster c*ck that was viral today?

P2: Wait no what the fuck is that?

P1: You're blissfully unaware of that
by HotgiggityDog June 16, 2022
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