A rhetorical question used on someone with ugly or old shoes. This may be an insult, or someone is just asking literally "What are those?" because they want to know.
John: "I got one question."
Cameron: "What?"
John: "What are those?!"
by What are those?! November 24, 2015
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a 3 worded sentence used to describe a persons shoes.
person #1: hey man look at my new kicks
person #2: yo man what are those!
by wowiamsokooldkm December 5, 2015
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Used when someone wears pennyless shoes
Pastor jumps points at sandals on an old woman and screams what are those
by Tek West March 13, 2016
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A sentence you say when someone has very ugly shoes. You go to that person and point at his shoes whit your hands and say pretty loud What are those!?
Hi sir, i only have one question for you. What are those!?
by Fuck you stupid January 19, 2016
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heard of that new vine dude?
the 'what are those' vine? yeah, i dont like it.
*both kill themselves*
by cringe alert November 13, 2018
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a popular term that is usually used by teens/young adults/people who don't have the maturity. it's usually said when some dude plops in with some visually poor shoes, viewed by people as hand made shoes. this orginally came from a vine of which a cop had some shoes, and a guy said 'WHAT ARE THOOOSE!!?', and got popular quickly.
John: guys you like the shoes i made?
Steve: i got one question for ya,
Steve:what are those
Will:those look like they just got 3d printed and he just slapped his own logo on it

Abraham:even my grandma has better shoes than those..
John:this is why i'm not a virgin..
by a wild bandaid May 7, 2017
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