When someone wears dirty bobos or non name brand shoes,"what are those?!"
Me:hey dude

Person:Hey! like my new shoes?
Me:(looks at shoes)What are those?!
Those shoes were ugly bobos
by Nike cart January 25, 2017
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Anyone who still says this in 2018 has a problem. Most fags will use this
by Sjahdosjvsjhajbd February 20, 2018
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Phrase used when expressing disbelief or dislike for a given situation. As in, "Why is this happening?"

Born from a third grader's art project. The children were asked to write a story that corresponded with a picture they were given. This particular picture was of a man standing near a flock of birds taking off into flight. The child's story included the phrase, "What's up with those birds?"
Did you hear that we won't be able to use the Arts/Humanities Bridge for the next six months? What's up with those birds?
by Lindsay Katai February 15, 2005
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when a person gets done an the floor and says " WHAT ARE THOSE "
officer i got one question WHAT ARE THOSE
by DJPONAWESOME January 30, 2016
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adj: a rhetorical question when someone is referring to your shoes that no one wears or only people who don't have style wear.
noun:Crocs, Plastic Jordan's, Off brand Kds, Slippers, Chaclas, and ANY THING BEFORE 2000
Popular kid: Hey geek I have really important question to ask you.
Geek: what is----
Popular kid:WHAT ARE THOSE? *points to sketchers* out of date, no one wears except actors who humiliate themselves by advertising it
by Creator of What Are Those December 18, 2016
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what are those! Its used when someone has ugly shoes, u bend down, point at the shoes and yell: WHAT ARE THOSEEEEEEE!
friend: Yo look at these shoes i got!

by fortnite is cringey February 17, 2020
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a vine that started in 2015 and still popular now like GTA 5 when point at someone crusty ass shoes and say what are thoseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
stephen curry: shoe game on fleek Russel Westbrook: *looks at under armours* what are those!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by really niggga guy November 15, 2017
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