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This is a term used to define someone who has poor communication with friends and family. Actually, someone who has poor communication with just his younger brother. A person who has been 'warpped' often avoids family gatherings, events, and phone conversations, for fear of being associated with his younger brother. They tend to think that because their younger brother is a retard, that their friends will judge him as being one. Which is completely wrong, because younger brothers are usually the funniest things in the world. They're one of the funny things.
Mike is totally warpped, everytime his younger brother Bradley picks up his house phone he hangs up right away.

Bradley was busy widing his bike, when he went into Mike's room to say hi. Mike yelled "GTFOMW", at him. Mike doesn't even want to be seen in his own room with his brother, because he's warpped. Bradley thought this was the funniest thing in the world.
by Bl0nk August 07, 2007
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