Distorted - Not the whole - only a portion of what is Real - a piece missing or out of place -

The mask he wore covered his real face to make himself distorted.
by gracejanene April 6, 2015
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A sound that is not part of the original signal. Distortion can be a modification of the original signal (intermodulation distortion), or generating new signals that result from the interference of a combination of signals (harmonic distortion). Can be characterized as a roughness, fuzziness, harshness, or stridency in the music. There are many distortions that can be measured: IM (intermodulation distortion), harmonic distortion, and TIM (transient intermediation distortion).
Distortion can cause breakup, where the headphone can’t handle the power or the low frequencies, which causes sound to crack up.
by Monster Cable May 22, 2009
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An effect used it many rock songs (Think Nirvana) that makes a guitar sound loud, gritty, and much more 'heavy hitting'
In 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' the opening riff is played clean twice then distortion kicks in.
by Paul April 23, 2004
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Usally associate this word with drugs, crime and prison
Oh man, what a distorted life you have
by aye December 16, 2003
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When a girl looks good from a distance but as the girl gets closer you realize that your previous notion was false. (Also know as P.D.)
When you see that girl from a distance and is like damn shes hot, but when she gets close you notice 5 warts on her face and an abnormally lopsided set of breast. You say "damn that was some major P.D.(Perspectorial distortion )".
by Goldenshot1000 September 24, 2015
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One of the few surviving punk bands out of OC in California. Came out in 1978 with Mike Ness, Casey Royer, Rikk and Frank Agnew. Through many changes in the lineup SD pushed the spirit of true punk through rough times.

Mainly sing about problems of bad luck, run down, drug abused life, seeing as thats how it was for Ness. Best Songs were mommys little monster, Ball and chain, story of my life, Dont drag me down and few others. They have refused to change their style of music, thus making them one of the best punk bands ever.

The line up now is Ness, Charlie Quintana, Jonny "2 Bags" Wickersham, and Matt Freeman of Rancid.
RIP Dennis Danell.
Social distortion is a punk band true to its roots!
by The Real Wolf November 20, 2005
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The entirety of distorted facts and figures involving the “need for a border wall” coupled with the egregious manipulative use of a Federal shutdown presented by the Racist in Chief during the first formal televised speech of his administration.
The wall of distortion is that any of this is a national crisis and it’s sole purpose is to detract from his long-term and undeniable collusion with Vladimir Putin.
by Dr Bunnygirl January 9, 2019
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