To be screwed in the be hella fucked.
EX 1:
Tom: Did you study for that test today?
Sam: Nah, dude. I'm hella fucked...
EX 2:
Jim: The Yanks have 3 on and none out.
Tim: Yeah, the BoSox are hella fucked, yo...
EX 3:
Eric: Dude, I just got caught with an ounce o'diesal on me.
Swin: HAHA..yer hella fucked, yo...
by Christophe Graham July 23, 2006
adj. 1. the synergistic combination of hella, fucking, and badass. 2. extremely cool, esp. in Northern California

originated in Northern California upon discovery of something hella fucking badass
That logo you found for the website is hella fucking badass!

Fensler Films is hella fucking badass. Give him the stick. Don't give him the stick.
by Anonymous November 13, 2004
A person, place, or thing that is mindblowingly awesome to the point where it is Hella Fucking Balls-off-the-Wall Awesome. This type of intensity may cause someone and others around them to explode or spontaneously combust.
Daniels sunglasses where so Hella Fucking Balls-off-the-Wall Awesome him and his friends caught on fire then exploded causing the remains to fly in all different directions.
by Douche McGivens March 9, 2009