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"Warping" or "Warp" is a drinking game based on the song "Warp 1.9". During the song there are three instances where the singer says "One, Two, Woot! Woot!". Immediately after the singer says this phrase, everybody starts to drink their respective drinks. The goal is to finish your drink first. However, once one person puts their drink down, everyone must put their drink down. Thus, everyone is limited by the slowest drinker.

There is a short space between the first and second "woot"s and a longer space between the second and third. The game should ideally be played with two or more beers. The game was invented in a parking lot in Keene, NH in December of 2009.
Parents: "Jimmy, where were you last night?"

Jimmy: "I was warping, and I couldn't drive afterwards"

Kid: "Hey guys, want to warp"

Other Kid: "Hell yeah! Lets steal some of my dad's beer"

In Canada, where drinking games are illegal, one can be arrested for warping.
by Nicoslavia January 05, 2010
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breaking down molecules and relocating those molecules to coordinate plane in SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE moving at light speed according to a highschool junior
Dude, the ship in star trek is totally warping...
by supermanphotog/spiderman May 26, 2009
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