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A former industrial city situated in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom, the river Calder runs past the city. It also has the tallest church steepel in W.Yorkshire. It is infamous for its Polish immigrant, Chav and Emo/Goth population and extortionate drink prices.

The most exciting thing to happen there in the past two years is the movement of the statue of Queen Victoria away from the Bull Ring to the town hall leaving the Bull Ring with a stupid water feature that frequently breaks and so far has only been used to involuntarily wash tramps
Terrance: Hey do you wanna get pissed up in Wakefield saturday?
Vladimir: What? no way i cannot afford Wakefield drinking prices!?!?
by defender of thefaith December 12, 2010
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Wakefield is a medium sized upper-middle class suburb about 15 minutes north of Boston, with a population of about 25,000. It is in Middlesex County. Lake Quannapowitt is the town’s pride and joy… Wakefieldians really go nuts over it. The lake attracts tons of windsurfers, and the Quannapowitt Yacht Club has many smaller sailboats on the water during the summer. St. John’s Prep school also has a partnership with the Yacht Club for their sailing team. The lake is a little over 3 miles around, and brings in many walkers, bicyclists, runners, etc. The lake area has a huge Common that has lots of events throughout the year. The nicest areas tend to be around the lake, and the West Side. People in these areas tend to drive their Swedish cars to their ski houses, and have a bit too much pride in their neighborhood (West Side especially). The Greenwood area gets jokingly looked down upon by the rest of the town, but in reality most of it is just as nice. People from Greenwood have an unnatural obsession with Billy’s Roast Beef and FoodMart, and the rest of the town loves Toody’s. The downtown area has a few nice restaurants (Duck Walk, Sushi Island, Ristarante Molise), and plenty of classics (Zalek’s, Brother’s Deli, Nonno’s, etc). The sports team are The Warriors. The Library has a marble wall in front that attracts the town's skaters and punks. The town became slightly notorious after the Wakefield Massacre in 2000. Neighboring towns are Melrose (Wakefield’s biggest rival), Lynnfield, Saugus, Reading, and Stoneham. Overall, a pretty nice place to be.
After the Warriors game, Wakefield kids are going to party hard in the West Side.
by JiggaJiggaJigga November 23, 2008
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The act of pissing on a high school student then sucking the piss out of their hair.
I was very angry today after I got wakefielded pretty good.
by Long Dongz March 11, 2010
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buy the domain for your recipe site
Wow, I can't understand anything of what you typed - all I get from it is that you think everyone is out to get you. You're a total Wakefield.
by not a nutjob August 22, 2013
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1. Formally known as Wakefield School in The Plains. Used in replace of cracker, honky, whitey, etc.

2. Anything that smells like cheese.

3. Anything that is not cool.
"That is so wakefield!" describing something white.

"You smell like wakefield!" describing someone who smells like cheese.
by P December 15, 2003
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Town of 26,000 located 10 miles north of Boston. Nice lake area where many people walk during the summer. Downtown is a congested area infested w/ bums and thugged out white kids looking to steal anything they can from your vehicle as soon as you go to walk the lake. Greenwood, next to Melrose, is a residential area filled w/ middle class homes and townhouses. Known for the Wakefield Massacre, when a guy walked into an office and killed 7 people a couple of years ago.
Wakefield, Wastefield, or Wackfield.
by Jonny Utah June 01, 2006
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Wakefield is a pop-punk band from Mechanicsville, Maryland. The band is Ryan Escolopio, JD Tennyson, Mike Schoolden, and Aaron Escolopio. Wakefield began in 1999 when the guys were only in freshman year in highschool.
Wakefield's first album, American Made, is an album of insouciant, and sometimes poignant songs strung together by rising and falling guitar riffs, staccato drum beats, and three-part harmonies.
by Daisy June 13, 2005
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