The name of your grand daughter if you are Billy Gibbons on a T.V. show. Unless T.J. Thyne can help it.
Are you serious?
Hodgins (TJ Thyne): So the name that came to you?
Angela’s dad (Billy Gibbons): It could work for either a boy or a girl, that’s the beauty part.
Hodgins: Great.
Angela’s dad: Staccato Mamba.
Hodgins: Staccato Mamba? Yeah, I didn’t see that one coming.

-quote from Bones Season 6
by Wild Snake March 31, 2011
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"Staccato" is the Italian word, meaning detached. In music a dot is usually placed above the music note, indicating those notes should be distinctly seperate, while also being short in length.

"Staccato Poetry" is a term applying to abrubt, short, detached, distinct, choppy poetry; a term used by poet Maia Szekeley to describe her style of writing.

Similar to Haiku, but not the same. Staccato Poetry has no set meter or form. The point is brevity. Saying as much as you can, in as few words as possible.

This kind of poetry should have a musical quality to it, abrubt and distinct, when read.

This poetic style can also be attributed to Belfast writer Ciaran Carson, whose 2003 poem 'Breaking' broke from his usual meandering works, to be labelled Staccato.
Examples of Staccato Poetry by Szekeley.


airplanes float

unmoving in the sky

tiny orbs of light

like stars, flickering

all those people

going somewhere


i want to feel you with palms,

and fingers, and fingertips,

mouth too, lips


Breaking by Ciaran Carson

red alert

car parked

in a red


about to




so quiet

you can


hear it rust
by Jskl September 25, 2010
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When you sing a song but in all staccato. A staccato chorus is a group of people singing the same song with each word in staccato. A staccato is a short syllable.
Singing in a Staccato Chorus can be annoying to some.
by Brookwood gang June 4, 2011
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When one a male at a shooting range must urinate in short small bursts into a berm at an outdoor shooting range the morning after a night of love making, and his urine stream is split into two distinct streams known as a "duo" of streams.
I had such a great weekend starting with a Friday night to remember with my girlfriend, followed by a morning at the shooting range; except I had a "staccato p duo" incident when I needed to urinate on the berm of the empty bay.
by Ginseng78 April 7, 2021
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An Italian word referring to a piece of machinery that only works in short small sharp bursts, but suddenly fails when it is needed the most.
My staccato was working fine yesterday, but on game day it won't cycle.
by Ginseng78 April 7, 2021
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An Italian word describing a male urinating into a berm of an outdoor shooting range that must be done in short small bursts in somebody comes around the corner and the individual unrinating needs to quickly conceal his junk.
I couldn't wait any longer at the outhouse so I opted to "staccato p" in an empty bay at the range.
by Ginseng78 April 7, 2021
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Rapid, painful bowel movements. These movements come out detached from one another, often leaving a “raisin bowl”.
That hot chicken gave me staccato shits. I’ve been off the throne for 30 minutes and I’m still burning.
by MobyWutang July 9, 2021
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