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Mechanicsville, Va, 10 minutes out of Richmond. Need drugs? They're here, need a whore? They're..that describes Mechanicsville, boring place, called the ville as well
Yo I'm from the fan, where you from?
Well, i grew up in the ville
by flic September 18, 2004
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Mechanicsville, VA. This is a country town that is rapidly expanding into Richmond. We used to be a primarily rural community, until Italian's from Jersey like me moved in and defiled the town. Now there are cars everywhere, and the roads aren't big enough to accomodate the growing population. Our only sources of entertainment in the ville are an AMF bowling ring and skate america. A couple redeeming quality's about mechanicsville are that you can buy drugs quite easily and cigarettes are the cheapest in the USA. Most of the people you speak to will say they want to get out of mechanicsville. It is not a land of opportunity, but a land of uneducated blue collar rednecks. Your employment options are either working at walmart, government jobs, or in a school. Our average income is something like 30,000 a year. It is nearly impossible to find yourself a women for the night unless if you travel down to the midway by Lee Davis, but most of the women there are 30+. Midway is our only adult source of entertainment, besides the endless amount of restaurants you see, which is why you see a lot of fat bastards walking around. Basically, if you stick around Mechanicsville, you will observe it's own decay, as I have in the past 10 years I've lived here.

You are surrounded by fat bastards, boredom, drugs, no women, and no source of entertainment. And worst all, Aunt Susan's cat giving birth to 3 kittens makes the front page.
1. It is beyond me why you would want to live in Mechanicsville. There is nothing going on but fat bastards and low paying jobs. And with the moulinyans spreading in from richmond the property values are going to plummet.

2. Fatass Redneck: So what are you doing tonight Buba Smith? Other drunk redneck: I don't know... let's go up to leroys barn and play with his chainsaws and fuck a couple cows up at west point.
by Italian stallion March 25, 2005
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a town in the Richmond Metropolitan Area in Virginia. A suburb of Richmond, and apparently a bad place to be by the negative things that people say about it. Anyways, Mechanicsville was the site of a small Civil War battle that occurred between the divisions of Confederate Major General A.P. Hill and Union General George G. Meade and portions of other divisions. It was a battle fought during a week-long series of battles known as the "Seven Days' Campaign". A Union victory resulted because of the successful defense backed by the Yankees who had a lot of artillery (big guns with explosive ammunition) and because of terrain advantages: they were on the bank of a creek, had some forest cover, all while the Southerners had to go down the western creek bank where this town was located about a mile from and go through the creek and slight swamps while under heavy fire.
Mechanicsville was one of the five or so battles of the Seven Days Campaign during early summer of 1862 that allowed General Lee and the Army of Northern Virginia to save Richmond, and the war effort.
by Damyankee March 27, 2005
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a small town full of bullshit and drama...everyone here just wants to get out and as far away as possible...but yah basically the same as the other deff
by us March 24, 2005
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