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The North of England (not to be confused with the North as in America)

The People of the North are the friendliest of the British people albeit we do suffer from an extensive population of scumbags thanks to mass unemployment.

Despite generating the vast majority of Britains wealth from the industrial revolution to its decline in the 1900s the government has seen fit to rape and destroy the working man of the North.

The north holds the vast majority of the U.Ks natural beauties and one day with the aid of Scotland and Wales will invade the south and destroy every posh Tory cunt inhabiting the shithole known as the London
Regenald: Oh im awfully bored!
Clement: Oh I know lets skull fuck The North!
Regenald: OH WONDERFUL!!!

Fred Dibnah: The hell you will! come on William Wallace lets take London!

As we know the souther ponces would suffer heavy casualties at the hands of true Northern men
by defender of thefaith December 12, 2010
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A former industrial city situated in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom, the river Calder runs past the city. It also has the tallest church steepel in W.Yorkshire. It is infamous for its Polish immigrant, Chav and Emo/Goth population and extortionate drink prices.

The most exciting thing to happen there in the past two years is the movement of the statue of Queen Victoria away from the Bull Ring to the town hall leaving the Bull Ring with a stupid water feature that frequently breaks and so far has only been used to involuntarily wash tramps
Terrance: Hey do you wanna get pissed up in Wakefield saturday?
Vladimir: What? no way i cannot afford Wakefield drinking prices!?!?
by defender of thefaith December 12, 2010
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