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Adj. Presenting the outward appearance of one's identification with urban ghetto culture through affected attitudes, mannerisms, language, or dress.
Deshante sauntered slowly to the principal's office in his F.U.B.U jacket and do rag, making his best effort to look thugged out despite being only twelve years old.
by Carl Willis July 28, 2003
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A simple urban fellow might say, "Sheeeet dawg, tha tinted windows on dat H2 look thugged out fo' sheazy!"
by Mo'$ January 28, 2006
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A descriptive word to describe some one when they are looking especially impressive or 'fly'
"Ah man you are looking especially thugged out today with them swade pleets and bowler hat."
by Julio Homes November 22, 2003
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To reflect criminal behavior on a regular basis.
Yeah i know shawty nem them niggas is thugged out.

Boy you did what, nigga you are thugged out.
by Frank Grizzy October 03, 2005
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Highly intoxicated. When one gets "thugged out" their night usually results in, fighting (with friends and/or strangers), public urination and/or vomiting, issuance of citations by law enforcement, intense emotional abuse of women (known and unknown to said "thugged out" offender), the solicitation of controlled substances, as well as an array of criminal undertakings involving vehicles.
Dude was so thugged out he puked in the bar.
by Sup B December 13, 2010
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Verb - Aparrel that is unbecoming. Usually clothes that stand out becuase of the awful colors employed by the designer. Clothing not to be seen in the wardrobe of a gentleman.
Jerome is thugged out with his F.U.B.U. button covers on his tuxedo jacket! He must ditch the 10k gold-electroplate Mercedes Benz ornament around his neck though.
by Hugh G. Rection July 09, 2003
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