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The Z-Boys were a group of skateboarders from Santa Monica in the 1970's who are credited with popularizing skateboarding and essentially creating the punk/skater subculture that now exists.

The Z-Boys grew up in what was known as Dogtown, an extemely run-down low-class area in Santa Monica. They initially devoted all of their energy to surfing at the local pier. Eventually the Z-Boys turned to skateboarding, which was a dead sport at the time, and brought over techniques they had learned from surfing, namely riding very low on the board and cutting hard turns.

They first gained national attention in 1975 at the Bahne-Cadillac Skateboard Championship. Their unique style of riding became an instant hit, and drastically shifted the world of skateboarding from a flatland freestyle, which resembled gymnastics, to the fast and aggressive form that it is today.

After the competition they started skating heavily in empty pools, which were plentiful due to the California drought that year. Here again they changed skateboarding when Tony Alva hit the first aerial maneuver, which quickly came to dominate the sport.

Eventually their own popularity and the promise of more riches started to break them apart. By the end of 1976 they had all gone their own ways to separate teams. Soon after, skateboarding started to wane and money started to dry up. The Z-Boys never reunited.
The new movie, "Lords of Dogtown" is based on the true story of the Z-Boys.
by Daisy May 29, 2005
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the word townie usually describes a person who has utter shit for brains, no individuality, intelligence or money, who thinks that he/she is 'hard' because he/she has probably started smoking and drinking at age 5.
individuals such as these can most often seen to be wearing(girls)crappy cheap tracksuit bottoms(brown, baby blue, pink)and matching coloured top/jacket , often with the words 'babe' 'superstar' 'sexy' or the name of a town that the individual has probably never heard of in their lives, whilst boys often wear either jeans and sport tops or similar looking tracksuit bottoms with horrible puffy jackets and will normally be seen smoking or drinking or generally 'looking hard'.
Girls will also have on ridiculous amounts of badly put on make up, usually blue eyeshadow and pink sparkly lip gloss.Hoop earrings are common as well.
These people listen to music such as blazin squad and usher, totall bollocks if ever there was, and go 'clubbing' in big groups, or herds once a week, wherupon they most likely set out to go clubbing, get thrown out after abput 5 minutes and wander around town after dark, smoking, after which they will tell all their mates 'yeah, we had wicked shit at deniros, we was all blinged up' which translates as 'we had great fun at deniros, everyone looked great'.
people like this often have a great hatred for anyone who is not as crap as them, for example goths, grebs, skaters, punks etc. and are often violent towards these parties, managing to fit the word fuck into practically every sentence.
'christ your a mingin' fuckin' greb man,yoo startin' on me, yeah, yoo startin'?'
by Daisy July 12, 2004
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the tight panties worn under the cheerleading outfit.
Are you ready yet?
Wait a minute! I just have to get my spankies on!!
by Daisy May 28, 2005
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A mixture of sperm and quim (vaginal juice)
The dry crusty squim was all over my sheets the morning after I fucked Aiden.
by Daisy May 26, 2004
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The cat from the 1993 show, The Big Comfy Couch.
Used when someone is being fresh.
Be nice, Snicklefritz!!

You're such a Snicklefritz!!
by Daisy May 25, 2005
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Soojeen is the korean term for clueless, out of it or dimwitted.
by Daisy September 16, 2004
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A music video by The Used in which Bert McCracken is an insomniac running around during the wee hours of the morning trying to escape the lights of the city that are..."attacking him"
lay off the weed bert and the lights wouldnt look like they were coming for you...hehe. lol, just playing. its a great vid. go watch it.
by Daisy April 1, 2005
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