A person who will always be there for you no matter what. He’s also a person that don’t care about what other people say about him. At the end of the day Vladimir is that nigga
Vladimir is a loving and caring person
by Vlad the real on November 1, 2019
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A person who always try to make you happy whenever your down & a person who is hardworking! & also a great friend 😇💙
That guy Vladimir is cute
by lashortone December 22, 2016
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Vladimir, means rules the world, ruler of peace, sovereign of the people. A manly man who knows what he wants, and is usually quite handsome. Usually Russian.
Heey look its Vladimir! He is so HOT!
by roxy000 February 4, 2010
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A Russian guy with the most handsome features you will ever see. These may include brown/black hair, brown eyes
A man that’s knows what he wants and has a heart made of gold. Very aggressive when drinking alcohol.
Vladimir is so lovley
by Anedlios perto October 28, 2017
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A Russian guy with the most handsome features you will ever see. These may include curly golden or silver-blonde hair, sea-blue eyes, and an ass carved by angels.

He is also very talented, and these talents may include YouTubing, Airsoft, elite skills in Call of Duty games, and musicianship. He can play many instruments which may include drum kit, trombone, piano, baritone or euphonium, trumpet, guitar, and maybe even saxophone.

Despite how sexy he is, he may also be stuck-up and/or self-centered. Ladies, beware.
Man, Duncan is cute, but he can't even be compared to Vladimir.
by Red Fleming June 28, 2011
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A person that is around 13000 years old very handsome and is the best person ever and is 0% sweaty-ness
Vladimir is awesome
by The real Vladimir May 5, 2019
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That sassy long-awaited wank you have before gettin' to bed.

Not necessarily paying tribute to any kind of Russian aristocrat, though you can let your imagination go without any kind of restraint in terms of ethnicity.

Влади́мир could bravely knock on your door at any time before falling asleep.
The term was first coined by a group of aroused galicians.

- Meu quedamos a las 9 en casa de barris! Súbete a algún colegas si te apetece!
- Nah meu, ya es muy tarde y quedé con Vladimir, la tan esperada paja antes de dormir.


- Yo dude! We've arranged to meet up at Barros'! Come with some friend if you feel like it!
- Nah man! It's quite late already and I've arranged to meet Vladimir, the long-awaited wank before sleeping.
by Escopeto January 11, 2018
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