Melrose is a city which is a little bit north of Boston. It pretty much sucks, but it has a lot of pizza places.
"I went to Melrose last night."
by chupachipmunk April 26, 2006
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Melrose is a small town north of Boston neighboring Saugus and Wakefield. It was founded by pompus rich victorian dudes in the early 20th century, becuase they were to cool to share the same city as all the poor people, so they built their own. It was originally named "Pondview" due to the beautiful Ell Pond in our town that they liked to look at. But at some point the name was changed to "Melrose" which means Paradise in Latin. Today, Melrose is, well, not paradise, but it is a middle-upper class city with a surprising amount of drug stores (5 to be exact, more than Wakefield, which is 3x larger than Melrose)and old people. Melrose is pretty small and worthless, and if an atom bomb destroyed it, I don't think many people would notice. No one cool came from Melrose (Except Andy Mac, pro skateboarder) and that's probably because Melrose has some hypnotic trance on people that once you come here, you must make babies, and never leave. I know countless people who have lived in Melrose their whole lives. That's sad. Despite being such a small town, Melrose has a huge drug problem. We are the 3rd worst city in Middlesex county with a drug problem at our public high school, and that's saying a lot, knowing Middlesex county is the 2nd largest county in the USA. Every year Melrose has what we call "Victorians Day" which is so we never forget our high and mighty ancestors who founded this town. No one really understands it, it's a Melrose thing. Also, Ell Pond today is a toxic pond with no living creatures in it, although they did find a dead psychopath in it last year. The main rival to Melrose is Wakefield, who Melrose has lost to for 14 years. Other than all that Melrose is cool, the compliments our city typically gets are "Cute. Quaint. Easy." So it's pretty boring in Melrose, but hey, if your a high schooler looking for drugs, an old person, or just a fan of Lake Wobegon, come visit.
"I'm going up to Melrose"

"Melrose: A self sufficent community, a placewhere no one wants to come to, yet a place that no one ever leaves."
by Pamps November 18, 2007
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A small square mile WW2 veteran town in midnorthern florida, that consists of all the qualities and sections in a city, but confined into a small area. you can walk from the ghettos to the rich neighborhood in 5 min. The town Consists of very few adolesent citizens but they hold a strong sense of nationalism for their home town. Though once a rich popular town known for its rich history and famous orange groves, it has been abandoned by the upperclass after the great freeze of 1893. now it is home to about 2000 people and many small businesses. The strong pride of the city brings together the youth and causes them to raise the towns image to be known as the best town to live in in the area, and each person who lives there has become known for their representation of it.Though many people from the surrounding towns try to lower its image due to spite and jealousy,The 352 crew, the town's gangs of hoodlums, have kept the image at an ultimate high. The Towns Home to Pro Football player Doug Johnson, and Pro Skateboarder Ben Steele. The Town is expected to be soon to make a large uprising and dominations over the the 4 counties that it in the middle of. Putnam, Alachua, bradford, and clay county all meet within the Melrose city limits. It is local belief that the zip code (32666) when written or displayed on a person is a symbol of power and rule over the rest of the people in these counties. As the Town's prosperity continues to grow, so does the the respect and pride for its continuing greatness. respect.
Damn, interlachen sucks, i wish i lived in Melrose . At least you actually have paved roads.
by Steele fresh July 19, 2006
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MelRose means Honey of roses . The biblical meaning of the name combine is MelRose meaning blessings and abundance of God’s love . A faithful worshipper of God who seeks God in spirit and in truth .
Melrose is blessings and abundance of God’s love .
by Musicismyclarity October 8, 2022
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(v) to actively, knowingly or not, stop or kill a rush, a play, or a drive while frustrating teammates at the same time.
I really melrosed tim every shift we played together. I didn't have great game last night,
by knoodles August 1, 2006
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Melrose Place is an American television primetime soap opera that aired on Fox in the United States from July 8, 1992, to May 24, 1999 for seven seasons. The show was created by Darren Star for Fox network and executive produced by Aaron Spelling for Spelling Television. It is the second series in the Beverly Hills, 90210 franchise. The show is set in a small apartment courtyard complex in the West Hollywood district of Los Angeles, where several young individuals reside, each with their own dreams and drives. It was a teen oriented show in the first season, but when short term situations proved unpopular, it was rewritten for adults, and became a sexy, dirty, scandalous soap opera, and pop culture phenomenon for the 1990's.
Person 1- I watched Melrose Place last night.
Person 2- Oh, that show about a drama filled apartment complex from the 90's?
Person 1- You know it.
by MelroseLuva June 18, 2010
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