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Whomp can either be used as a compliment or to turn people down. Another term for “PERIODT

(Nyc bird slang)
Ex: your friend posts a cute picture
You can say “ WHOMP because you my sista looking cute or what ever”
Ex2: thirsty boy “ you trying to link”

Me “ ewww dusty get outta my face whomp.”
by Tiatoocute15 December 23, 2020
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Popularized by TJ Detwiler, this word is a negative exclamation that one may use without being reprimanded for swearing.
This lunch 'whomps'
by Kevcowiffle December 28, 2003
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Whomps is a word that is used to describe basically anything...its meaning is determined by the person using it. This definition is presented in the Recess episode entitled, "The Story of Whomps". (For you doubters, this must be true because they even brought in a professional slangologist)As a general rule, it is used to describe something or a situation that is undesirable.
by Poisontheewell March 29, 2004
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the sound of the bass or melody in electronic funk music.

The good times you have with lovely people at a music gathering that promotes good vibes and good times.

A Funk music festival created by The Electrofunk Collective.

The dish whompbo was created by The Electrofunk collective during preparation for the Music festival whomp (potatoes, onion, sausages, and paprika, cooked in a cast iron pot over an open fire.
whomptastic, whompin good time, whomp around the outside, whomp like a Reebok, Whomp it up,
by The Electrofunkers July 17, 2012
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Just got back the test you knew you’d fail... whomp!
by lintzokurr November 03, 2019
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To clobber or beat up. Used frequently in rocket power by twister's brother.
"I'll whomp you if you don't tell me where this secret spot is."
by Player 2 December 30, 2006
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