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Person 1:- omg what is that? I am scared!
Person 2:- omg is that annabelle?
James charles:- hi sisters!
*People run for their lives*
by chungachungachungachunga February 25, 2019
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WTF is that a clown??
Basically he could be in IT instead of Pennywise
Little Kid: Dad I think there’s something in my closet!
Dad: I don’t think so, I’ll check. (Walks over to closet and opens it up and sees James Charles with 10x too much makeup)
James Charles: HI SISTERS!!
Dad and Child: Aaahhh
by SeemlyManatee13 May 17, 2019
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A gay youtuber who is losing more subs than every Cleveland browns loss ever
James Charles is losing more than the browns in 2017
by Romaine33 May 16, 2019
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a kinda gross celebrity thing who uses everyone for clout and betrays his best friends. a terrible person and a money hungry bitch
Person 1: hey i watch james charles

everyone: ew get away from me dude he’s money hungry
by correct.meanings April 29, 2019
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The biggest toxic faggot in the universe. He likes to brag about his youtube subs and instagram followers which makes him same as other typical retarded social media "influencer". Being the first male spokesmodel for cosmic brand "Covergirl", James Charles is an Americunt makeup artist and wannabe "youtuber". He has a girly like appearance but physically and mentally weaker than girls. Openly being a homogay fag since 2012, he has a habit on hating straight people. He is also ungrateful asshole who hates the people helped him most, especially his parents and friend Tati Westbrook, the fellow youtuber.
James Charles's toxic behavior:

As the money came in, he repeatedly was influenced and intoxicated by the “influencer” status that he gained.
One instance was that James Charles was invited to Tati’s birthday dinner and he talked explicitly about “sucking dick and cock” while her parents (and his) and childhood friends were at the table. Tati had to call everyone the next morning and apologize for his remarks.
That same dinner, he repeatedly was making sexual remarks and hitting on the straight waiter. When Tati called him out for it, he said “I’m a celebrity, I can do whatever I want”.
Despite rejecting her beauty vitamin promotion, Charles signed on with another company that was a direct rival, Sugar Bear. He promoted essentially the same product as Tati’s and cashed in other perks like Coachella tickets for him and his friends.
When confronted by Tati about this business betrayal, he shrugged it off and never gave her a formal explanation or apology.
Tati called out his parents, specifically his mother who helped to enable to his behavior.
by 4nt1n0rm13 June 06, 2019
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