Person 1:- omg what is that? I am scared!
Person 2:- omg is that annabelle?
James charles:- hi sisters!
*People run for their lives*
by chungachungachungachunga February 25, 2019
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WTF is that a clown??
Basically he could be in IT instead of Pennywise
Little Kid: Dad I think there’s something in my closet!
Dad: I don’t think so, I’ll check. (Walks over to closet and opens it up and sees James Charles with 10x too much makeup)
James Charles: HI SISTERS!!
Dad and Child: Aaahhh
by SeemlyManatee13 May 17, 2019
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Saying this to somebody is worse then calling him gay
Man 1: wow you’re such a James Charles
Man 2: *dies*
by Yaboigrogles April 27, 2019
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(noun) A person who makes ignorant comments and thinks they can turn everyone gay. Straight white girls are usually friends with him. Hey, sisters!
Wow he's such a James Charles I can't believe he did that
by Averageunicorngod May 27, 2019
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"Her foundation makes her look like James Charles!"
by Impastakitty July 4, 2017
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He's an hella gay and an undefined gender, who's even more gay than Gaymeson Hoowang, and Juhnan Chien. he's so gay that he's the definition of gay
Kavin: Man James Charles is so gay and lesbian at the same time

Anjuhroo: Yeah, I bet Juhnan loves him
Juhnan: No way! He's too gay for me
by DeezNut 123 January 8, 2019
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